Growing Up a Bit

10 Oct

So what do you think of my new look? I posted yesterday and checked it and realized that the photobucket account that was hosting my header and graphics had become toast! Eek! So I found a new one and I actually quite like this one. What do you think?

I found out some news last night. My mother had wanted to purchase my grandmother’s home. She was rushing trying to get HER home sold so that she could. She finally got a nibble last weekend. The only problem? Someone else wanted to buy my grandmother’s home. They were waiting for probate to go through on the inheritance they had.

My uncle looked at my mother and said that if she had a purchase agreement, and the other people’s probate didn’t go through, he would sell gram’s house to her. (he’s the executor). She got the purchase agreement.

The probate went through.

I have a distinct feeling that my uncle promised the other people that they could have the house, and that no matter what my mother did, she wouldn’t have gotten the house. Here’s where things get tricky for me:

I’m kind of glad that my mother didn’t get the house. I disagree that it was the best option for her because I feel that the home would never have been hers if she bought it. She wanted to put a great deal of money into the house which would have raised the cost a great deal.

On the other hand…

I’m sad because she didn’t get the house for her. I know that she wanted it, and she deserves to get what she wants. Even though I disagree with the decision, I supported her in it.

Wow – damn – am I growing up? Is it that I’m just so close to hitting that big 3-0 (okay, I know it’s in 10 months, but the time keeps ticking here people!), but suddenly I feel wiser…or maybe it’s just that I’ve been up since 5:45.

She has decided to not go through with the sale on her house because she feels she has nowhere else to go. I disagree in that I know there are plenty of other homes that she and my step-dad could move into that they could afford and enjoy, but again, it’s her decision and I’ll support her.

I have this feeling that she’s like me. When she has her heart set on something that is extremely important to her, like buying my grandmother’s home, she puts everything into it, and when it doesn’t happen, she doesn’t want anything.

Kind of like me and the whole Kodak camera thing. (nice segue, eh?) I had another conversation with them yesterday, which resulted in nothing more than a ridiculous conversation in which the person said that she would “gladly fix your phone, Mrs. M, only you have to pay $150 and shipping. Yes ma’am, we know that the camera has been into the shop three times. Yes ma’am, we know that you have been dealing with this since your husband bought you the camera. No ma’am, I’m not sure why the photos from two years ago are still on the internal memory when we said that we sent you a brand new camera. I’m sorry for the trouble, ma’am.”

So yeah, Kodak wants me to pay to have a camera fixed that hasn’t worked right since we got it. That makes sense. So I’ve got my little heart set on another camera (it’s a Canon that costs a bit over $600) and thanks to a PMS rage, went off on my husband yesterday about how all I want is a “fucking camera that works”. He listened to my rage and let me vent. I know, logically, that I can’t afford a new camera right now, but because my old camera doesn’t work (seriously, it sucks) I don’t feel like taking pictures AT ALL. The ones from the other day needed A LOT of photo editing in order to make them look halfway decent at all and I’m still not happy with them. Seriously, I’m ready to use Babygirl’s little camera!

Anyway, this is how my mother and I are alike. If we can’t have something we truly feel that we need (I’m not talking purses or clothing here, I’m talking BIG IMPORTANT things), we don’t want anything at all.


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