Discriminated Against

14 Oct

Hello. My name is Randi and I am discriminated against due to my boobies.

There. I said it. Wow, that was a load off my…err…chest.

I’m not going to say that people think I’m dumber due to my chest size, because in order for that old stereotype to be true I’d have to have a smokin’ body to go with the large breasts. Instead, my breasts are just large.

How big are they? They’re a size D, which makes my husband very happy. All he wanted in live was a woman who was short, had big boobs, and could cook.

I’m 5′ exactly, have size D breasts, and so far my cooking hasn’t killed or poisoned anyone. I could have a face like Jabba the Hut and he’d still love me.

Anyway, I like to wear underwire bras when I’m trying to look halfway decent. If I wear any other type of bra I get a uni-boob, which I really hate, so underwire it is. Now I’ve gotten fairly comfortable in underwire bras, but after a few hours, the bra really starts to get uncomfortable and I want it off. I want to be able to feel the breeze on my the girls, and to swing my arm while using the Wii without having the wire cut into my flesh.

Now in the security of my own home you’d think I’d be able to go bra-less, and for the most part, this is true. If someone comes to visit, though, my first instinct is to rush into the bathroom and get a bra on. My mother always said that you shouldn’t be seen in public without a bra.

But wait, those pretty girls with the little boobies can go without a bra all the time! They can wear those cute little tank tops without wearing a bra, or those strapless numbers and look so adorable! How come *I* can’t go without a bra?

I’m not talking about wearing no bra and going to a sit-down dinner, I’m just talking about wearing no bra when I go to pick up one of the kids from school, or when I go to grab a gallon of milk. If I do those things now the response is an immediate “*GASP* You went out into the public…without a BRA ON?”

Yes, because I’m sure the sight of my face isn’t enough to scare the general population, I want to add to their fear by unleashing the puppies on them.

So anyway, my name is Randi and I’m against breast discrimination. I feel that no matter what sized breasts you have, you should be able to walk around without a bra pinching/pulling/annoying you.


4 Responses to “Discriminated Against”

  1. PinkPiddyPaws October 14, 2008 at 3:57 pm #


    You know I loves me some boobies.

    And for that very reason, you got an “homage” on my newest blog post.


  2. Heidi October 14, 2008 at 5:40 pm #

    I love going without, but have you ever actually watched people who don’t wear a bra? (including myself in this discussion) Not very pretty. They are just sloshing around all unorganized and such.

  3. Jenera October 14, 2008 at 7:25 pm #

    I got DD’s and I very rarely wear a bra at home. And if someone wants to stop by my house, they have to deal with it. But only three times have I left the house without a bra but I had a big shirt and sweatshirt on.

  4. secondratesnacks October 15, 2008 at 10:02 am #

    I have D’s also and I too am jealous of the girls that can wear tanktops “freely” and such. One of my b cup friends was saying how great the tanks at the gap are with the “bra built in” and actually said I should try them. I laughed, I need more than some reinforced stitching for support! Sadly 99% of my bras are minimizers, although they work great but I still roll my eyes when he’s trying to undo three rows of hooks. Thers should be an option for D girls to not wear lunchlady bras!!

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