Aunt T

27 Oct

I’m not sure if I’ve talked much about Aunt T before – I may have…who knows. Aunt T is Scott’s biological half sister. She and he share the same mother – but Scott was adopted and Aunt T wasn’t, so they weren’t raised together. She was a big part of his life when we first met, then we had a huge falling out after our wedding and we didn’t talk to her again until a few years ago. Since then she’s been a constant in the kids lives. She comes over usually around once a week or so and loves her niece and nephew like only Scott and I can.

Aunt T looks JUST LIKE SCOTT…which is really weird for me, and has to be for her because all you have to do is look at Toad and you can see that he, too, looks JUST LIKE SCOTT (minus the blonde hair, of course). Aunt T has said before that she can look at the kids and see some of herself, which is something I’ve never experienced, not having any full siblings or half siblings who spend any time with our children.

Aunt T and her significant other, Uncle S, came down to do pumpkins and during the soccer game I got the chance to use the telephoto lens to its full capability. Aunt T doesn’t like having her photo taken (NOT that I blame her for that at all) and I was able to stand on the top of our hill and take photos of the soccer game before I joined in, snapping this amazing picture that shows, to use anyway, exactly how Aunt T feels about her nephew.


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