Halloween 2008

1 Nov

I happen to absolutely love Halloween! I don’t go out and buy Scott and I costumes (although I would if he decided we should go to a costume party – hint hint), but I do love helping the kids get the costumes that they want. We always head down to my mother’s house on Halloween because she gets tons of kids and the people who give the candy out are people that I’ve known most of my life, meaning it’s the safest place to be. We can (and did) walk miles just collecting candy.

This year Toad decided that he wanted to be Link. Who’s Link, you may ask?

Here’s Link! Link is from the Legend of Zelda games – which have been around for a LONG time! I happen to love Link, so when Toad decided he wanted to be him, we scoured the internet looking for a costume. Unfortunately, we didn’t find one! So we worked together (and had a lot of help from some friends) and put together our very own Link costume. THAT is the project I’ve been working on for awhile (the non-work project, that is). How do you think we did?

Babygirl was MUCH easier to dress! She decided to be a fairy. No problem!

After we got there a good friend (and my mother’s neighbor) was there. Her grandson wanted to go trick-or-treating with us. No problem! We love N – he’s a great kid. So he and Babygirl and Toad began knocking on doors and getting as much candy as they could fit in their candy bags. Wait. Hold that. I forgot, we dumped the candy a few times, so in all actuality they collected as much candy as they could fit in THREE candy bags.

Since it was a Friday night, my mother had a little party for her friends. Whenever Halloween is on a weekend, we always give out jello shots to the adults who trick-or-treat with their kids. Yeah, it’s actually really fun! Unfortunately THIS year I didn’t get to give out any! I was on kid duty the entire time, and while it was a blast, I would liked to have given out at least a few jello shots! Here’s the entire crew on my mother’s front porch.

I, of course, brought my camera along (duh), and this I think is one of my two favorite photos from last night. It’s Scott (again, duh) watching on as the kids to trick-or-treating. He’s an amazing dad, and he proved it again last night. Not only did he do the entire walk with me (he usually doesn’t), he was always there to help Babygirl up or down from steps and to give piggybacks to anyone who needed them (mainly Babygirl).

On the way back up the street from the fire station (what, doesn’t every fire station give out candy and glo-sticks on Halloween?), I caught sight of a beautiful sunset. When I showed everyone the picture, they asked me where I’d taken it. Imagine their surprise when I said it was right down the road! Of course, they’d been imbibing on a few jello shots, so that could explain it…

And this morning, Toad, Babygirl, and I unloaded all of their loot. The glass bowls are Babygirl’s, the colored ones Toad’s. Think we got enough candy?

There are tons more great photos (and they look better too – for some reason the ones on here don’t look as good as the ones on the Flickr acct) on the Flickr acct – head over and check them out!


One Response to “Halloween 2008”

  1. PinkPiddyPaws November 3, 2008 at 9:38 pm #

    VERY good job on the costumes!! And great pics and great candy haul. But, what’s with the apples.. yeesh! ha..ha…

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