How Many In the Bed?

6 Nov

Last night I had far too many people/creatures in my bedroom.

The three dogs sleep in our bedroom. It’s the easiest way to keep them from destroying the house. We leave a crack in the door and place a cooler in front of the crack – my way of keeping it open while at the same time keeping them from leaving.

Since the time change our oldest dog, Duke, has decided that 5:30 is the time to get up to be let out, not 6:30 the way it used to be. He, in turn, gets the other two dogs riled up and they all want to go out NOW.

Then there’s the fact that something’s wrong with my bed (other than a lack of sex being performed in it). It’s squeaking and groaning and creaking and that’s keeping me up half the night. It’s always been kind of annoying that way, but it seems like it’s just getting worse. I asked Scott to fix it yesterday, and he said he was going to – which so didn’t happen.

Then, because apparently I don’t have enough messing with my sleep right now, Babygirl got up at 2 am. She had a nightmare. To give Scott credit, he got up and tried to get her back to bed. He tends, however, to not take the required time that is necessary to truly get her to sleep, but I can’t bitch because my ass stayed in bed instead of getting up with her.

So I called out that she could pop into bed with us. This means that on the right of me I had Babygirl, and on the left of me I had Scott.

I tossed and turned for about 2 hours…then I was TOO FRIGGIN HOT! So I woke Scott up and made him switch places with me so that I could get some air on the outside ledge of the bed. Finally, around 4:30 am, the dogs decided that they wanted to go out. Of course. 2 hours earlier than they’re SUPPOSED to go out.

This is why, at 7:40, Toad was waking me up asking if he was going to school today or not. GAH! He got dressed really quickly and I dragged Babygirl out of bed and we dropped him off at school during their breakfast serving.

So this is the way my day started, and I’ve decided something – I need far, far fewer people in my bedroom. Maybe it can just be ME sometime?


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