Weekend Recap

16 Nov

I just realized I haven’t said anything about what happened this weekend. Let’s start with Friday, shall we?


Friday was the day that the Great White Hunter said he was leaving for camp. The day before I spent three HOURS making home made chicken soup and another two hours making chocolate chip cookies (which, by the way, rocked ass).

When he first talked about leaving he said he was going to leave after lunch. Then he said that he was going to leave around 11. Friday morning, however, I noticed his eyes constantly wandering towards the clock. He started packing up his bags around 9:30! I, of course, was a bit upset by this – I mean, I have NO problem with him going, but he just seemed like he was more excited to leave home than he would be to come BACK home.

Anyway, he left. Then I dealt with a dog who has suddenly decided to mark his territory (at least that’s what I think he’s doing) by peeing on the corner of something. He did it in the living room on Thursday, downstairs in the rec room on Friday, and in our bedroom on Saturday! Each time he doesn’t pee much, but in my opinion, any pee in the house is too much pee. I also discovered that the minute my husband leaves the house is the minute that I get my period. For the first time in MONTHS. Of. Course.

Babygirl and I spent the afternoon goofing around and killing time. Then, right before it was time to pick up Toad, the phone guy came. Our phone has been acting strangely lately and I keep calling them – but it doesn’t always mess up when they come to fix it. My plan had been to pick up Toad and head out to go grocery shopping immediately, but since the guy was here I had to bring him home instead.

The phone guy was great and hooked the line up to the second line we have in the house that hasn’t been used since the nephew was here, basically to make sure that it’s not an inside problem (newsflash – phone’s still fucked up, but at least he tried SOMETHING – he’s supposed to call Monday).

We went grocery shopping and did all the errands. Then we got home. I immediately called our older dog down and had him go into the house before us. Even though the doors were locked, I always worry that somehow, someone got into the house. Duke, our protector, is great for that.

I realized how much of a total pain in the ass it was to –

  • unload the groceries
  • get them all upstairs
  • get the kids stuff all upstairs that they bought
  • get the kids food spread out for them
  • get the dogs
  • unload groceries

Usually Scott and I split this up and I get the kids set up and take care of the groceries (after he brings them up), while he takes care of the dogs. Not so. This time it was all me.

The rest of the night was uneventful in the terms of the kiddos. I, however, had a bitch of a time falling asleep. For some reason, feeling like I was the only grownup in the house made it difficult to get to sleep comfortably…probably because I don’t feel like I’m a grownup half of the time.


Saturday was pretty good – the only caveat was that I was out of feminine products to take care of the period, so after Toad’s friend visited (from 11 – 4), we hit the store to pick up some. The kids, however, didn’t know what Mommy was buying, as they were too enthused that they were being allowed to buy a few dollar toys.

We watched a movie and the kiddos went to bed and then I indulged in my newest passion – online poker. So sad. Then I watched a chick flick that I rented specifically because I knew I could watch it without Scott bugging me.


So far this morning has been fine – we have a birthday party to go to in about an hour (and we still have to wrap the present – I’m always so ahead of this kind of shit), but I feel kind of disgruntled. I have NO problem with Scott heading out for a weekend or two (even though I’ve never had a full weekend away…whatever), but I am kind of upset that he didn’t call the kiddos this weekend. I know where his camp his – it’s about 30 minutes away on the property owned by his brother-in-law’s father. The camp itself is a short walk from the main house, where they would have NO problem with him calling home.

I couldn’t be gone from the house for a day without calling to tell the kids that I loved them and that I was thinking about them, and he’s been gone for 48 hours with no word at ALL.

So yeah, I’m a bit pissed off. Yet I feel like if I greet him with anger when he comes home it’ll just start a huge fight. So I’ll try to be nice, and will let him know, instead, how hurt I was that he didn’t call the kids. I know that they’ve been asking about him and wondering how he’s doing and what he’s doing and if he got a deer (I’m going to assume no). Not having a good relationship with my own father, I guess I feel kind as though he’s ignored his children for the weekend, which, in my eyes, is unacceptable.

(Side Note: whenever we’ve gone away for a weekend together…the last time was two years ago…he’s ALWAYS anxious to call the kids to see how they’re doing. I know, he probably feels like they’re safe with me, but usually HE’S the one who’s the most excited to call them, and now that he’s alone with his “boys”, he doesn’t spare us a second glance. Yeah, I guess I am kind of pissed off.)


One Response to “Weekend Recap”

  1. PinkPiddyPaws November 17, 2008 at 7:30 pm #

    You are messed up girlie! You BEG and plead for him to go because you want the alone time, but now that he’s gone you are pissed off because he hasn’t called you.

    WTF Randi?!? Poor Scott can’t win, can he? ha..ha.ha..

    (don’t worry, as a fellow female, I know the answer to that question is NO, he can not) 😉

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