Extraction Delayed

21 Nov

Toad’s teeth extraction has been delayed. We got there and met with the dentist. He checked out Toad’s teeth again and his response was, “he’s such a good patient – can I talk to mom in the other room for a minute please?”

Turns out that he doesn’t want Toad to turn out like his mother (ie, scared shitless of the dentist), so he rescheduled it until Dec. 27th, when he’ll have four LITERS of nitrus waiting for Toad’s pleasure.

I asked if the mother gets to have nitrus too, but unfortunately that’s not allowed. Dammit.

So, basically, tooth crisis averted for a few weeks, Toad got a “get out of school for free for today” card, and we all got McyD’s.


One Response to “Extraction Delayed”

  1. Jenera November 21, 2008 at 10:27 pm #

    That is good that you have a considerate dentist. Man, I won’t even go near a dentists office without being sedated ‘cuz of my big fears. I have some tooth issues right now but since I can’t be put under while preggo, I have to tough it out until after the baby.

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