The Great White Hunter Strikes Again

21 Nov

This morning, at 11:45, Toad will be having two teeth pulled.

Ask me if I’m excited.

Later, after we’ve all gotten home and probably after we’ve gotten groceries, the Great White Hunter will be heading out to go after the trophy deer once again. Will he get it? Who knows. I only know that he goes out and has a really good time, and as long as he brings home either venison or money (from playing poker), I’m happy.

And it wouldn’t hurt if he called to say “hi” too.

Sunday my sister-in-law and I have a date to go see Twilight. I really hope we get to go. I absolutely love the books (even though I know there are problems with them, I just love the characters), and can’t wait to see how it’s translated on the big screen.

But to see it? We have to go 45 minutes away. Why? Because the theater that’s only 15 minutes away ISN’T PLAYING THE MOST HYPED UP MOVIE OF THE FALL. Yeah. They’re geniuses.


2 Responses to “The Great White Hunter Strikes Again”

  1. PinkPiddyPaws November 21, 2008 at 4:08 pm #

    BUY YOUR TICKETS ON FANDANGO. that’s all I gots to say. 🙂

    Have fun fighting all the teeny boppers and what not. Have some popcorn for me. Mmmm.. movie popcorn. And stay warm. Ummm, is it still snowing up there? brrrrr….

  2. bleaching gel March 12, 2010 at 9:40 pm #

    Can you use bleach on plastic teeth or fillings??

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