Simple Minded?

25 Nov

I’m a bit put out today. A lot of things are going on that are frustrating me. One of which is Scott. Apparently our few months of harmonious lifestyle are a few months too much, so now we’re at each other’s throats again. It’s not as bad as it has been, but little things are setting us both off.

Take, for instance, New Years Eve.

Here’s where you think I’m a hick – I have never, not once, been out for New Year’s Eve. This year my SIL has New Years Day off, a rarity for her, and would love to go out with us. I agreed and said that I’d talk with Scott.

Here’s the thing – he has no problem going out, but he doesn’t want to go out anywhere around here. He says that all the places around here are “small, cramped, un-fun bars” and that there’s nothing to do but “sit, talk, and get drunk”. Wait – isn’t that the point of New Years Eve?

He wants to head to Canada, but getting across the Canadian border on New Years Eve would NOT be enjoyable – trust me – and then there’s the whole “what if it’s snowing too hard to drive far” part of the equation that you have to add in.

As we’re discussing what to do/where to go, he says, “I know! We’ll go to New York City! If you want to go out, we might as well do it big!”

New York City is about 6 1/2 hrs away from us. It’s not horribly far, but then again you’re talking about driving. In the middle of winter. At the busiest time of the year in New York City. No thank you. I’m perfectly content to stay here and to go to a bar or a restaurant and to enjoy spending time with Scott and my SIL and her fiance.

Apparently Scott isn’t, because once I said that I didn’t want to go to NYC, and I explained the reasons why, he replied that I was, “being simple minded.”

Simple minded.

There are only a few insults that I can’t take. I knew that I hated being called a cunt – that’s just not right. I’ll proudly wear the title bitch, but cunt is just an ugly word. I don’t like to be called stupid, either. Saying something like, “you’re being so stupid” to me will likely have me turning around and blasting you with a round of Randi-Bitch. I don’t think anyone is stupid – okay, so Bush is, but no one that I KNOW is stupid – I just don’t associate with stupid people.

So to call me stupid is hitting below the belt. And simple minded? Apparently that’s akin to stupid in my book.

So I got upset. Honestly I didn’t get horrible mad AT FIRST. I was a bit of a smart ass and made comments like, “I’m not sure if I can handle something like that – I’m too simple minded.” This apparently pissed Scott off, but instead of just apologizing for making that comment, he stormed off into the bedroom to get on the computer.

Finally he did apologize for saying it – followed by the ever-present BUT…as in, “I’m sorry I used that word…BUT I don’t think I was using it the way you think I was using it.”

Oh – that’s right – I’m too simple minded to figure out what he was saying. Silly me.


3 Responses to “Simple Minded?”

  1. Finn November 25, 2008 at 4:49 pm #

    I’d have thought the same thing.

  2. misstressm November 25, 2008 at 5:33 pm #

    Simple minded ehhh?! Well, simple is kind of boring. When I think of simple I think of white linen sheets with wrinkles on them. I think of black and white. And I think of quiet and withdrawn. I also think naïve, shy, and pure. I don’t see you as any of those. I say you do the long drive. You never know…I tend to have more fun on my way to a destination then at the destination of choice. Now if you really want to pimp up the idea of New Years Eve I say Vegas. I will meet up with you guys. Its about a 5 hour drive from where I live.

    I don’t see anything simple with Vegas. Or innocent for that matter.

  3. Yvette Booth February 2, 2010 at 10:27 pm #

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