Learnin’ Poker

29 Nov

We’ve been trying to find new games to play with the kiddos, and because Scott has been playing poker at camp, he’s brought the poker playin’ fun home with him. He taught the kids how to play two card guts, and then I decided that I wanted to play some blackjack! So we taught Toad and Babygirl to play blackjack. While Toad is old enough to count, however, Babygirl got a little frustrated…

Here’s my losing hand :).

So, as I was saying, Babygirl began pretty into it…

Then she realized that she had to do some counting. First she started with her fingers and tried really hard to count…

Then she realized that there were more dots than there were fingers and that she needed to count some other way.

Unfortunately, *I* lost. Babygirl, however, won! She couldn’t count very well, but Daddy helped her. Playing poker with kids – oh so fun.


One Response to “Learnin’ Poker”

  1. The Acne Guy January 14, 2010 at 10:11 am #

    I completely agree with everything in this post. keep up the good work

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