Why Scott Will Never Go to Deer Camp Again

2 Dec

So I’m sure you all heard that Scott went to deer camp – three weekends in a row. The first weekend was fun. The second weekend kinda sucked because of the massive migraine that I had.

The third weekend Scott learned why he shouldn’t go to deer camp very often.

I would like to introduce you to a few people. First, please meet Mr. 27. Mr. 27 is the television that my grandmother gave us when we lived in our teeny, tiny trailer right after Toad was born. It saw us through switching from VHS to DVD, getting surround sound, and countless hours of children’s television programming. Here is Mr. 27.

Here’s what Mr. 27 looks like from the entrance to the living room. Please ignore the huge mess in the background – some of it is kids toys, and the big black thing? Well, that’s the accessory to the next thing…

So Scott went to deer camp for three weekends in a row. Randi, however, was at home. With the kiddos. Dealing with Mr. 27, who’s had better days. See, he’s starting to slowly let us know that it’s time for him to be put out to pasture. He’s been flickering on bright screens and has been extremely annoying at the front connectors – if you touched it, hell, if you breathed on it, the connectors would cause the tv to lose all of the images.

So Randi took a trip to Sears and came home with a slip for Mr. 46. Hello Mr. 46!!!!

Mr. 46 is a 46″ Samsung LCD HD HDMI/DVI 1080P PIP FUKME TV. Yes, yes it is. I informed Scott when he called that I’d used his name to get credit for a new television. Okay, okay, I had permission to get it with his name (his credit is better than mine right now – damn college loans), but *I* picked it out and *I* ordered it – it’s the first time I’ve ever picked out anything that expensive by myself, and I feel pretty damn proud!

We went down the Wally World on Sunday and found the stand you see the television on. I’m actually kind of in love with the stand as well as with the television. I love that it holds the television up off of the stand, so that I don’t have to worry that the kiddos or dogs (more likely dogs) will accidentally brush up against it and break it.

The thing is that we were going to buy a new television when our taxes came in, but since there was an awesome deal, and since Sears was offering a good “buy now – pay whenever the fuck you have money” thing, we decided to take it and give ourselves an early Christmas present. Here’s what Mr. 46 looks like coming into the living room.

The mess is still there (damn kids – oh – wait – I can’t blame them for the dust in my house? Crap!) but can you see how much room it has freed up? Sorta? Kinda?

Or maybe it just looks better because it’s sleek and black and SHINY. I just love touching it – it feels so smooth…

We just picked it up this afternoon (it’s Monday when I’m writing this), and it took us the better part of the evening to get the television secured onto the unit and all the cords plugged in – we still haven’t tied them all down in the back yet, but we got sick of moving things around.

So now that I’ve got my great white hunter back in my bed where his arms can go around me, think it’s be bad of me to sleep out on the couch so that I can be closer to Mr. 46?


6 Responses to “Why Scott Will Never Go to Deer Camp Again”

  1. Mistress December 2, 2008 at 4:58 am #

    We have the same tv!!! You will never want to watch your fav show on another TV, ever!!!!


  2. Jenera December 2, 2008 at 5:13 am #

    Oh I will be having my own at the end of the month, oh yes I will. I’ve been eyeballing my own Mr. Big Screen TV. It will be a happy day in whoville when I bring it home.

  3. Finn December 2, 2008 at 5:44 pm #

    Not ready for this yet. Soon though… soon.

  4. PinkPiddyPaws December 3, 2008 at 12:04 am #

    No sweetie, I don’t think it’s bad to sleep closer to Mr. 46. After all, he won’t hog space and will always keep you entertained AND warm. 🙂

    Congrats on your new family member!

  5. games March 14, 2010 at 12:47 am #

    Yet another good cheat code. I put in a plug for this blog at mine. So, I am sure most people forget how how to use it.


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    […] an email conversation with him, but the price he wanted was more than we were willing to pay. We I bought a 46″ Samsung LCD television last year, and with a bit of research we knew how much one would cost brand […]

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