And Interesting Birthday Party

7 Dec

I had a few surprises at Toad’s birthday party this year. The first was one of my best friends showing up. K said she’d pop in, but as she’s got a 2 month old baby, you never know what will happen! She was able to stop by with her beautiful 3 year old daughter, Chickie, and her 2 month old son – whom has yet to have a nickname – and her significant other, C. They seemed like they had a good time! Chickie did the jumping game and the egg hunt (it was Yoshi’s egg hunt – it was a Mario theme).

As she was there anyway, I cornered her and took a few shots of her and the baby. This is my favorite.

Isn’t he cute?!

Another surprise was my father showing up. Yes, he’s been upgraded (slightly) from the term sperm-donor to the term of father. He called and asked if he could bring Toad’s birthday present down, and then called when he had to reschedule. He actually showed up and brought my little brother (who is 20) with him.

He played with Toad and me on the Wii and had a blast saying “my big sister”. As we’ve never been raised together, it was interesting, and I really enjoyed it.

This afternoon my sister-in-law is babysitting so that we can go out and get stocking stuffers and go to lunch. We haven’t gone out to eat in FOREVER, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, enjoy birthday candle blowing goodness.


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