The 8 Year Old

7 Dec

I’ve written about Toad’s birth story before, so I won’t do it again. Instead, I’ll tell you about how awesome this kid is.

Toad is in second grade and is doing amazingly well. he’s extremely intelligent and he loves to help his friends in school. he has tons of friends and is the most popular kid in his class (a class of 7), and he enjoys hanging out with his friends.

He also enjoys hanging out with his sister, although he’ll never admit to it. I feel so fortunate that he is such an amazing big brother. I know that he’ll fight with his little sister, but I also know that, when it comes down to it, he’ll protect her at all times – hopefully he’ll beat up any boy who tries to date her (because neither of them are dating until they’re 30. Amen.)

He loves to play video games, and I hope that his dream of becoming a video game designer comes true. He loves to play the Wii, and I know he’ll love the DS that he’s getting for Christmas (I think he was a bit upset that he didn’t get the DS for his birthday, but we’ll make it up on Christmas.)

He has a very soft heart. He loves to mess around but when someone hurts his feelings he lets it be known very quickly. At the same time, he feels bad when others get hurt too, and tries to stick up for people all the time.

He’s a very fussy eater, and for a long time both Scott and I thought that he would grow up eating only chicken nuggets and noodles, but once I asked him to put an effort into eating, he’s been trying new foods, and making us both extremely proud.

I love both of my children, but as I’ve told Toad numerous times, I will always love him longest. He’s my baby. He is the one who helped me to grow up.

I love you birthday boy, and I can’t believe that you’re already 8.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best son and big brother in the whole wide world.


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