She’s Definitely My Daughter

9 Dec

In the car today, on the way to get the Christmas tree that we haven’t yet gotten (dang tree place was closed until Thursday), I was trying to explain to Toad and Babygirl why we celebrate Christmas on the day we celebrate it on. Neither Scott nor I are huge church-goers, and we have our own beliefs. Our children are baptized protestant but that was really the first and only time they’ve been to church.

Anyway, I gave a brief explanation that Jesus was born in a stable (manger, whatever), and that the wise men gave him gifts when he was born, which is sort of why we get gifts on that day. At this point Toad pipes in, “So Jesus turned into Santa?!”

Um, no.

So I explained AGAIN and made it a bit more clear.

Randi: And then, when Jesus grew up, he became a great man. He helped a lot of people in a lot of ways.
Babygirl: How momma?
Randi: One time he cured a man who was blind and made it so that he could see.
Toad: How did he do that?
Babygirl: Duh – he gave him glasses.


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