The Christmas Party

23 Dec

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The girls, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

Look! Look above!! There, on the far left! The woman with the black and pink shirt and the black hair and the glasses?! See that woman?! She’s a fatass and needs to stay behind the lens and not in front of it!!

Moving on.

The Christmas party with my mom, step-dad, and step-sisters and their families was on Saturday. It’s the first time we’ve had it at my house, and the first time we’ve gone to it in a number of years. There was a massive falling out, and in order for there to not be ANOTHER falling out, let’s not go there, kay?

Each step-sister has kids. SS1 has 2, SS2 has 5 (lord have mercy), and SS3 has 3. With our kids that’s…..12 kiddos in the house. Add 9 adults and you’re ready for a party – or a mental institution.

Everything was going fine UNTIL the sewer decided that it was pissed off and had enough and backed up on us. We have our own septic system, but when it was put in (long before we moved in), the dumbass who built it put in a 90 degree angle in the piping. This means that occasionally it gets plugged – especially when you’ve got little kids who don’t pay attention to the Charmin bear commercial and use too much toilet paper.

Scott spent over an hour trying to unplug it when everyone was here, but was unsuccessful, so we had to very CAREFULLY use the downstairs toilet – making me feel like a miserable hostess.

(yes, he got it fixed the next day – a temporary fix I’m assuming. Yes, it will cost us plenty of money come the spring…*sigh*)

The gift giving went well, and there was really nothing blog-worthy about the entire situation, aside from the fact that none of us killed each other and the toilet broke.

That’s NOTHING like the fact that today I left the dogs in the garage because I was trying to be nice (it’s FREEZING in VT!) when I took Babygirl to preschool and did some errands – only to come home and find that they’d found the garbage bag from the Christmas party on Saturday night (nice segue, no?) and had strewn it from one end of the garage to the other.



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