Bacony Christmas

26 Dec

I’ve got lots of pics from Christmas I’m uploading right now onto Flickr, but I had to share this story – one of my bestest friends, Danni, sent me a Christmas package and asked Scott to wrap it – he was frustrated because he apparently bought the same thing for me. I laughed because it seemed amazing that my husband and one of my best friends bought me the same gift! On Christmas day he had me open his first (Sorry Danni) and then hers – this is what was in the package:

A whole lot of BACON SALT!!! I’ve been looking to try bacon salt for awhile, and they both got me some for Christmas! I will be set up in Bacon Salt for awhile!!

What’s really funny is that Scott left a message on the order sheet about his order – this is what it said:

Hi guys! I’m so glad I found you! My wife has been wanting some Bacon Salt for a long time, so I’m getting it for her for Christmas. Thanks!! – Scott

And they replied!

Scott – I threw in some Bacon Lip Balm just to add to the holiday Bacony goodness! Enjoy! Tori and the Bacon Salt Team.

THAT is customer service people!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and that it was as filled with Bacony goodness as mine was!!

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