Holidays Over – Relaxing??

30 Dec

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Praise Jesus!, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

Are the holidays over yet??!! Oh, by the way, how awesome is that picture? It’s what Toad looked like when he opened the DS on Christmas morning. Then he did a little dance – I’m so not kidding, I have video proof!

Anyway, yesterday Toad’s friend came over to play for most of the day and then my mother came over to check out Rock Band 2 and to bring dinner (go MOM!).

Then, after they left and the kiddos went to bed, Scott and I played on our Rock Band 2 characters and opened up Livin’ On a Prayer – BON JOVI BABY!!!! YES!

I was reminded today that New Years Eve is TOMORROW – WOAH! And we still have NO IDEA what we’re doing. We were going to go out somewhere, but we can’t agree on where to go out. Now there are talks of two things…

1. Of he and I going out to a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant, which is about 25 minutes away or so.

2. His co-worker and his SIL (one of my BFF’s) and her fiance coming over to play rock Band 2 with us.

So I have NO IDEA what is going on, but I do know one thing – if my family is around me, and I get a kick-ass Happy New Years kiss from the hubby, I’m a happy girl.

But I have no idea what resolutions to make. I refuse to make the weight loss resolution, because I never stick to it. What resolution are you making?


One Response to “Holidays Over – Relaxing??”

  1. PinkPiddyPaws December 31, 2008 at 12:59 am #

    See….Rock Band is ADDICTIVE!! Just don’t let it take over to the point where you aren’t having sex anymore. The horror!!!

    Oh, and Bon Jovi is cool, but when you unlock Billy Idol “White Wedding” let me know.. ha.ha.ha.. I KICK ASS at that song. 🙂

    Have a Happy New Year. xoxoxoxo

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