Happy 2009…a day late

2 Jan

So 2008 went out with a bang. Scott took me to our favorite restaurant for dinner, and then we hung out with my SIL and her BF and the kids until midnight. Yes, the kids made it until midnight. I’m still sort of in awe about that! What did we do the whole time?

Play Rock Band 2.

And then, the next morning/early afternoon, the BF called and asked very politely if he could come down and play. And we did. For three hours.

It’s a sickness, people.

Today was different, though, as the first thing we had to do was to take both Mals to the vet. Lovely. They’ve had this cough thing going on for about 2 months now – just when you think they’re over it, they cough some more! One has it, then the other, and I’m sick of waking up at 3 am to a coughing dog, so we ponied up the $76 and came home with prednisone and a friggin vat of antibiotics! Seriously – 2 pills per dog, 2 times per day = 80 pills!! Thank God they’re not that expensive.

Later this afternoon we’re heading to the grocery store (funness!) and the dump (more funness) and after I get some work done, Scott’s co-worker and his wife should be coming up, to….

Well, I’m sure you know what we’re gonna do.

Sick, people, just sick.

Hope your 2009 is going beautifully so far!


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