10 Jan

I’m sitting here this morning watching SuperNanny as my husband requested. He got up this morning early with the dogs (how sad that the dogs make us wake up early on weekends) and decided to watch the SuperNanny that I’d taped. I’m at the point now where Jo is giving the parents the smackdown and telling them both that they’re lazy – awesome.

I used to watch this show and go “there’s no way that there are parents that really let their children get out of control like this. Then Toad started school and I began to see that there truly are parents who allow their children to get out of control.

Toad had 7 children in his class. Before the holiday season, at Toad’s birthday party, the father of one of Toad’s classmates explained to me that he wasn’t going to be going to Toad’s school anymore but would instead be going to the “alternative” school in the town near us due to his outbursts.

The child is on medication – does he need the medication? I don’t know. I’m not a doctor and don’t pretend to be. I do know, however, that I’ve seen how the child is treated at his house, and he’s allowed to do pretty much anything he wants to do because the parent isn’t able to discipline properly. From what I’ve seen of the child, he’s a very sweet child, but he has outbursts that could be controlled with discipline.

Then there is one of the girls that Babygirl goes to school with. She’s a sweetheart at school, and I’ve had her here and she’s a sweetheart here (albeit a bit of a tattle tale). I saw her in her home enviornment, however, and she was a little mischief maker, constnatly doing things that she wasn’t supposed to be doing!

Then there are some relatives of ours. Each pair of relatives have 2 children, and the kids really aren’t disciplined much. I watch the parents run around trying to control their kids and feel so bad for them because I know that if they use the methods that Jo uses, some of the same methods we’ve been using for a long time, the kids would behave beautifully.

Our kids aren’t perfect, by any means. There are a few things, though, that my children have never done, including:

  • hitting other children
  • destroying property out of the home
  • destroying property in the home
  • stickered the car windows
  • drawn on the walls
  • throw toys or other items

Of course my kids each had a temper tantrum or two in the grocery store – every child does. And we reponded by having one of us go out into the van with that child while the other parent continued grocery shopping. ou take them out of the equation and show them that they won’t be able to enjoy the situation if they’re acting up. I think each child did it twice or so, and have never done it again. We can go to the grocery store and know that the children will behave so that we can get our grocery shopping done.

It makes me sad, though, to see all of these parents, even in this area, who have children who act up and misbehave. It’s almost like parents are getting to the point where they allow the children to control their lives. What’s going on here people?! I love my children and would give my life for them, but that doesn’t stop me from disciplining them when they need it.


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  1. Finn January 10, 2009 at 4:02 pm #

    Amen. Nothing Jo does is rocket science, just taking charge of the situation.

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