And Then, I Woke Up

14 Jan

I was up until about 2:30 this morning. Why? Because I kept dreaming that I’d be flying to Chicago one of the number of times that I will be going and that I’ll crash. Yup, me – crash.

Apparently I’m more petrified of flying than even I realized!

I actually have the type of personality where it’s difficult for me to deal with change. It’s taken a long time for me to admit that, but there have been a number of times that I have been awake until the wee hours of the morning due to a potential change.

In the morning, however, I always realize that it’s just my fears talking. I don’t want to let my fears keep me from going to Chicago. I know that the answers that I’m looking for about my condition will most likely lie in Chicago. I dno’t know anyoneone else who is not only treating PCOS, but studying it the way that this physician is.

Babygirl’s preschool teacher’s helper made a comment today when I told her about the Chicago opportunity. I told her about the tests that I would be having and she replied “what a great opportunity for you.”

She’s right. Not only will it be good to be able to work with someone on the PCOS, but it will also be good to have a full workup done on me, for free.

So I’ve gotta get over my fear of flying – any advice? (aside from Sherry’s great advice of getting some DRUGS for the flight – which I will look into when I know about whether or not I can take anything from the study coordinator).

Also, I need some help with packing. I’ll be bringing a smaller carry-on bag, and I want to bring both my laptop and my camera…so that I can look like a complete tourist. Any advice on how to get through customs and what I should/shouldn’t do?!


2 Responses to “And Then, I Woke Up”

  1. Finn January 14, 2009 at 6:18 pm #

    No liquids over three ounces in your carry-ons. And all that must be in quart Ziploc bags.

    Wear shoes that you can kick off and get back on easily.

    If you can somehow manage to carry on all your luggage, do it.

    Pick an aisle see on the bulkhead if you can.

    Good luck; I hope you get some answers.

  2. Kate January 14, 2009 at 6:23 pm #

    I have a fear of flying too…and so do a lot of people I know. My sister-in-law was terrified to fly but she wanted to go on a school trip to Italy. She went on a short flight to NY first to get used to it. Since then, she’s flown a bunch of places. She said it wasn’t a big deal now. A lot of people I know have said this. I think just getting on the first plane will be the biggest hurdle and you’ll do fine after that. Tommi says it’s the only way to travel where she can actually sleep. They say it’s safer than cars, which never really makes me feel better! I’d say remember to breathe. You’ll do fine, and soon, you’ll be used to it. The first one is the hardest, so just do what you have to do to get through that.

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