So I’ll Watch Big

17 Jan

Today? Today was weird. Today I got up and did some quick blog work. Then I headed to the dentist. The dentist began to fix my tooth (the one that had a special filling put in it – he was putting a regular filling in it since the special filling apparently worked) and then realized that it’s been awhile since I had a cleaning – not because I didn’t want one, but due to scheduling conflicts. He squeezed me in (I love my dentist) and then proceeded to not only put shots in my tooth but to put some on top of palate to really kill the nerve. That was one experience I really don’t want to have to repeat.

Then I waited for 20 minutes until my cleaning, at which point I realize that I got the most rough handed hygentist in the building. Did I say I love my dentist? The hygentist has the type of attitude about teeth cleaning that you just don’t want your hygentist to have. For instance:

Me: garrrmmmph…mmmphh…OOOOWWWWWW
Her: Oh – did that hurt?
Me: Mmmm-up
Her: Yeah – that tartar is stubborn. You may want to rinse with salt water when you go home.
Me: mmmmherrrmmmm….OOOWWWWWOOOOWWW
Her: Yup – more stubborn tartar. Here – rinse so that the blood is out of the way so I can see what I’m doing, please.

She did, however, spare me a flossing. I have and will always say that I believe that getting a painless flossing at a dentists office is a MYTH.

During this time, Scott took Babygirl grocery shopping. I asked him to keep it under $100. We get home and I discover that he’s not only spent $130, he spent most of it on junk. I gave a hug and a kiss. I thanked him for going grocery shopping during my torture session dentist visit and then asked him to never go grocery shopping again.

Later we visited my mom’s house and saw her two newest additions – two absolutely adorable little rescued kitties. I forgot to bring my camera, but you can bet that I’ll bring it the next time I go down. Babygirl had a BLAST playing with the kittens and now, of course, wants to have her own kitten. Toad didn’t get to see the kittens because he was at a friend’s house, but I’m sure he’ll want one when we go back down as well.

Then we came home, played a little Rock Band, at Babygirl’s request, and heard all about Toad’s day once he came home. We also learned that a payment that I thought was made wasn’t really made, and that sent me scrambling to pay a bill.

I forgot to mention that I found out yesterday that I’ll be headed to Chicago on February 4th. Of course, immediately after I learned about the trip, a plane crashed into the Hudson. Of course.

Now? Now I’m sitting here with a Pepsi in my hand. I’ve decided to enjoy eating whatever I’m allowed to eat as long as I’m allowed to eat it, as things will change in a few short weeks. My teeth are aching a little bit and I’m watching an old favorite.


Big. It’s making me remember when things were simple, and when I didn’t have to worry about bills or anything else. It’s making me remember that sometimes it’s nicer to be a kid than to be an adult, and to enjoy playing around while I still can.

When life reminds you that it’s hard? Pick an old classic. What’s your old classic? The movie that will make you feel good no matter how strange or crappy your day has been?

3 Responses to “So I’ll Watch Big”

  1. Kate January 17, 2009 at 12:29 pm #

    Another Tom Hanks movie: The Burbs. I love that movie – it has Corey Feldman, for God’s sake. What’s not to love. That and Drowning Mona make me smile but dont’ require that I think too hard. And the Hudson Bay plane – everyone lived and an ex-airforce pilot got to be a hero…it’s all good!

  2. scootersbabygirl January 17, 2009 at 2:05 pm #

    My SIL was saying last night that The Burbs was her favorite movie too!

  3. Sherry January 18, 2009 at 4:51 am #

    Neither one is necessarily a “feel good” movie, but my two old go-to movies are “Heathers” and “Reality Bites”. I don’t even know why I would watch “Heathers” anymore since I have seen it so many times that I can quote it right along with the actors.

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