20 Jan

Today I can’t turn off the television.

Today I know that I’m watching history being made – not because we are swearing in the first African American president (oh how I hate that term – we’re AMERICANS, dammit, not African American or Korean American or Latin American – just fucking AMERICAN), but because we’re swearing in the first president that I can ever remember, in my lifetime, that has brought hope to the nation.

Hope. It’s something none of us have had for a long time.

He has united the nation before he has even stood on the steps to be sworn in. He has made us all care about politics again, and has given us the belief that anything is possible. You can come from a normal background and can become the leader of a nation. You can help people to realize that we are all connected, and that inherently, people are good.

He has shown us that we can make a change ourselves, if we truly want to, simply by becoming active and by reaching for our dreams, instead of simply wishing for them to come true.

His beautiful wife is showing us that you can be an active woman and can care for your children – that you can find that balance.

I can’t stop thinking about how, many years from now, I will be able to recount the story to my children, or my grandchildren. That I can tell them about how I watched, albeit on television, when President Barack Obama was sworn in. How I felt hope, and likely how I will shed some tears, when I watched him be sworn in and listened to his speech.

One thing we need to remember, after the swearing in and while things start to change, is his message of hope. Yes – we can. If we fight, if we care, if we become active, we can do anything.


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