More About Why I’m Braving Burning Jet Fuel

28 Jan

You all are laughing at me about this whole “Randi’s scared to fly” deal, but you watch – I’m going to leave for Chicago next week (seven days and counting) and you’re going to be saddened and heartbroken when my plane really does go down!

Or you’ll dance the rumba on my grave. Does anyone know how to dance the rumba?

Anyway, I thought I’d enlighten you on the reason why I’m braving the flight next week to go to Chicago. A year after Toad was born, I went back to the midwife for my yearly checkup.

Midwife: Your periods are back to normal now, right?
Me: Umm…not exactly.
Midwife: What do you mean ‘not exactly’?
Me: Well, I had the normal bleeding for a month or whatever, but I haven’t had any sense.
Midwife: None?
Me: No. Isn’t that normal?
Midwife: No. Well, unless you’ve gone through menopause, but you’re way too young for that.

Now, my midwife was a very laid back person, and instead of doing tons of tests, she simply put me on meds to kickstart a period and, voila, I had one. Then, about six months later, I headed back to the OB, this time because I wanted to get on birth control so that I could ensure that I wouldn’t have my period during my honeymoon (because honestly? That would suck!). I saw the regular OB because my midwife had moved on.

HE was upset that I hadn’t had any testing done, and ordered a full round of tests, and guess what? They all came back as normal. Which meant that technically, nothing was wrong. But really there was something wrong – very wrong – only it’s something that can only be diagnosed by an absence of something else being wrong (god does this sound like an episode of House or what?)

The rest of the story below

I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, but I like to call it PCOS because it’s much less of a mouthful. And I’m not the only one who has it – some studies show that up to 5% of women have it, and more than half of those women don’t even realize that they’ve go it!

Wikipedia defines PCOS as: an endocrine disorder. The principal features are weight problems, lack of regular ovulation and/or menstruation, and excessive amounts or effects of androgenic (masculinizing) hormones. The symptoms and severity of the syndrome vary greatly among women. While the causes are unknown, insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity are all strongly correlated with PCOS.

Let’s tick down what symptoms I have, shall we?

  • obesity (oh boy, do I have obesity – while I still fit in ONE chair, I’m definitely not skinny.
  • insulin resistance (the whole reason I can’t have spaghetti AND a piece of garlic bread. Dammit.)
  • lack of regular menstruation (I can go MONTHS without a period, and while you think that sounds enjoyable, trust me when I tell you that it can actually get really, REALLY frustrating.
  • mood swings (okay, this one’s not on the list, but there are many women who have severe mood swings due to the totally fucked up hormones in the body. Imagine PMS except that you never know when it’s going to happen, which means you have no advance warning as to when you’re going to rip your husband’s head off with your bare hands.)
  • excessive hair (you force me to admit that I have TONS of hair on my arms, and while, so far, the hair’s stayed confined to being excessive only on my arms, it is NOT sexy.)
  • migraines (my physician and I are fairly sure that the migraines I’ve been suffering with for the last few years are due to the hormones being so fucked up.)

Many women with PCOS can’t get pregnant. How did I get pregnant? Actually, I got pregnant on birth control. I’m not kidding! I’m a walking advertisement for proof that birth control doesn’t always work, and that in some instances it can actually help make someone pregnant!

When I was with my ex I was on birth control, but it was sporatic. Then, when we broke up, I actually went off birth control so that I could get pregnant to lure him back. Yeah – I was a bit of a moron back then. Then I met Scott and he made sure that I stayed on birth control by asking me every night if I’d taken my pill. I’m a bit of a scatterbrain sometimes. Apparently it was his reminding me that actually got my body regulated and, surprise, got me pregnant. Well, there was quite a bit of bump and grind that, I’m sure, helped as well.

This occurred six months after we started dating.

Then we wanted to have another child and tried and tried to get pregnant. I went on pills and wound up getting pregnant twice – only to have them be blighted ovums.

My midwife (midwives come and go at my OB office) then put me on birth control pills to give me three months to not even think about getting pregnant.

I called her office five weeks later and told her that I was pregnant. She didn’t believe me and made me rush down and do another pee test. 8 months later, Babygirl arrived.

If you look online for information about PCOS, you’ll find tons of websites talking about people trying to get pregnant with the condition. I’ve gotten pregnant, and while I feel very lucky to have my children, I want to be able to live with the condition without going crazy.

I can’t lose weight. Seriously. I can haul ass, starve myself, and exercise myself into exhaustion and I will lose maybe a pound or two, and that’s not an exaggeration. The one time I did lose a bit of weight was when I was on Metformin, which I may be on again during the study.

What do I hope to gain from this study? A number of things. I’m hoping to learn more about the condition fro people who have studied it and who know what it is (EVERY nurse in my area, by the way, has NO IDEA what PCOS is). I hope to help with the study so that should Babygirl have it (and there’s a very, VERY good chance she will), they’ll know more about it. And I would absolutely love it if I was able to lose weight so that my symptoms decreased. While I hope for it, though, I’m not counting on it.

And that, in a long-winded diatribe, is why I’m braving crashing in a burning ball of jet fuel next week.


4 Responses to “More About Why I’m Braving Burning Jet Fuel”

  1. Finn January 28, 2009 at 4:09 pm #

    It’ll be fine… promise. Good luck!

  2. Jennifer Nguyen January 30, 2009 at 1:46 am #

    Randi. I had NO idea you had PCOS as well. i was diagnosed in September right after I turned 27. I thought my life was over… I still do. I hurt since summer, no periods. weight gain for normal foods, you name it! I was in a lot of pain, they put me in birth control and metformin. They told me I would most likely not be able to get pregnant without clomid. I was scared, heart broken.

    I found out on January 1st, I was 7 weeks pregnant. I will be having a baby in August. I know it does not go this well for everyone. I am however, done after this. I am scared of the pain as My belly gets bigger and afraid that the cysts get bigger. It is all a waiting game from this point.

    I hope all is well with you. I have been scrambled for a couple months but I think I am back on track now. Hope all is well and that you had a great trip!

  3. Angela February 26, 2009 at 2:19 am #

    How funny that I just found your blog and was reading backwards and found this post. I too have PCOS. I was dx years ago, but didn’t believe them because I didn’t have cysts on my ovaries at that time. We tried for 11 years on our own before we finally had our son who is almost 3 now. I hope you find out something from this study! I am on metformin myself, and while the side effects suck at least I don’t feel sick all the time from the insulin resistance. Now I’ll just have to add you to my blogroll to keep up with how you’re doing!

    I found you via your comment on Clusterfook today by the way. I’m so sad about her and mostly about her girls and husband who are going to be left behind. I’m sure everyone in my real life would think I’m nuts to be so sad about someone I’ve never “met” but I’m sure you understand how it can be.

    Best wishes, and I’m glad your flight ended happily! And NOT in a splash down on the hudson river! How freaky was that!

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