Well, THAT’S Canceled

28 Jan

Remember the appointment that I had set up for this week for my finger? Yes, physical therapy for my finger due to tendonitis in the pointer finger. I thought it was quite ridiculous, but nothing else was working and I sort of need my finger to, ya know, make a living?

The physical therapists office called this afternoon to remind me of my appointment on Thursday (side note: wow, they’re early) and to let me know that they’d cleared everything with my insurance.

Her: So you’re all set.
Me: Oh – great. So do I have a co-pay?
Her: No, no copay.
Me: Oh, really? I’m surprised! I thought there was.
Her: Nope, no copay. You are, however, responsible for the deductible.
Me: Ah. What’s the deductible?
Her: Your deductible is $400.
Me: Really?
Her: Yes – and then you’re responsible for 20% of the bill.
Me: And how much is the first appointment?
Her: The first appointment is usually around $280.

It was at that point that my head exploded.

I kindly thanked her and explained to Scott that there was no way in hell I was paying $400 to get someone to say “flex, and release, and flex, and release”. So I went online and looked up the remedy to index finger tendonitis – and the remedy is to isolate the finger and not use it for 10-14 days.


So I can get a splint for the finger and in two weeks or less have my finger back to normal. Well, I may have to do some finger strengthening exercises after the two weeks, but that’s it. And the finger sprints I’ve seen so far are all under $30.

30 – 400 – 30 – 400….hmmmmm…yeah, that’s a tough one.


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