Headed Out This Evening

4 Feb

Fight for the Ball, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

My plane doesn’t leave until around 5 pm tonight, making this the first time I’ve ever been on a night flight, as well as the first time I’ve ever flown alone.

Oh yeah, that picture above? To me that picture is a HUGE success. I’ve been trying for weeks to get a great shot that shows what happens when the dogs play ball. See this is what happens: Duke ALWAYS gets the ball, proving that just because you’re older doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re slower. But he can’t just bring the ball back to us, oh no, that would be too easy.

He runs. He runs and zigs and zags and does everything he can to keep the ball away from the boys, who chase him and try to get it.

Now the boys aren’t dumb – in most instances, one dog, usually Kamik, will run after Duke, while Takaani will figure out where the interception point will be. For instance, if Duke runs behind the shed (more like a large garage), Kamik will follow him and Takaani will be waiting on the other side of the shed to ambush him.

Most of the time Duke can get away from them, but I honestly don’t think that they try too hard. They simply like the chase. Sometimes, however, Duke’s reluctance to share the ball gets him a little nip in the behind, as evidenced by that photo – one of my great photography triumphs! At least to me it is.

Thanks for your kind words about Scott situation at work. So here’s what we know so far: he went into work yesterday morning because I was worried that if he didn’t he’d be accused of abandoning his job. When he got their his supervisor got really cranky with him and said, “I told you I’d call you.” in a snotty tone. He told Scott o go home, so he did, but not before snagging his employee handbook, which clearly states that it is not permissible for people to swear on the floor, nor is it permissible to bring the morale down, both of which his LS clearly did.

The HR person called him and spoke with him for about 20 minutes. She was made aware of the fact that Scott wasn’t refusing to do what LS told him to do, but rather that he didn’t care to be sworn at and called names like “dickhead” when he was trying to work. She said she’d talk with the bosses and call him back.

We haven’t heard from her since.

I’m pretty sure that’s only because she hasn’t gotten her meetings done yet, and we’re betting that she calls today. Last night, though, one of his co-workers dropped by and had a cup of coffee. He wanted to know what was going on.

Apparently there are two rumors going around his work:

RUMOR #1: Scott quit. This probably started because when he left yesterday, he snagged his stuff out of his locker just in case they decided to be dumbasses.

RUMOR #2: Scott was called up by the head dude and fired. I have NO IDEA where that one came from. He’s never talked to the head dude.

He made it very clear when he talked to HR that he would be more than happy to transfer to another department, and that he’d already spoken with the manager of a different department who is eager to get him down working with them.

Scott’s co-worker talked last night about how Scott has a totally clean record, and in 15 years that’s hard to do. He doesn’t think Scott has to worry at all about being fired.

There is, by the way, no union. My mother used to work at the same place Scott works at, and she was instrumental, along with other workers, in trying to get a union there. The day of the vote, however, the union was denied – we think it has something to do with the little man in the sharp suit who was going around shaking hands with people the day before the vote – and how those people may have gotten a little something “extra” in their pay.

Not like there’s anything that we could do about it.

Anyway, he’s got today off to take me to the airport and he already cleared everything through the Family Medical Leave Act, since I’m heading to Chicago for a medical reason, so he’s covered there.

Will he have a job to go back to? I honestly don’t know.


One Response to “Headed Out This Evening”

  1. fairytonic February 5, 2009 at 8:58 am #

    Keep your chin up! Scott did the right thing to protect himself – no one should have to put up with denigrating behaviour.

    If Scott is fired, as awful as it would be, a) he wouldn’t be working with someone who is insulting to him each day and b) it would make a great wrongful dismissal lawsuit.

    Good luck with your flight!

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