My Thoughts on Nadya Suleman

13 Feb

I remember when I first heard about the Duggar family. There are 18 children in that family (currently) and I thought how selfish the family were being, as there is no way you can give all 18 children the time that children need to thrive.

I have changed my opinion on this now.

I now think that, compared to Nadya Suleman, the Duggars are fucking saints.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, Nadya Suleman decided to have embryos implanted in her uterus so that she could have a large family because, as an only child, she felt “at a loss for love”. Or some shit like that.

Lemme clarify something here. I am an only child. I not only am an only child, I can one up that bitch – my parent got divorced when I was a little bitty thing. So not only, by her mind, was I neglected as an only child, I had no male influence for most of my childhood.

According to Nadya, this means that I should want to have dozens of children.

Ummm, no. Thanks, but no.

Lemme tell you what I think about Nadya – I think that she’s extremely…


Yup. Selfish. She decided to bring tons of children into the world, not because, like the Duggars, she feels that it’s wrong to abort a child, but because she was FUCKING LONELY?! Come on Nadya, do what most women who are extremely lonely do – go out, find a good bar, and have unprotected sex as often a you possibly can. Then, maybe eventually, you’ll realize that you weren’t as lonely as you thought you were.

My biggest problem? The Duggars are extremely self-sufficient and can afford their family. Nadya? HAS NO INCOME. She wants to raise 14 children using disability payments and student loans?! AND she thinks she can raise all 14 children while going to school full time?!

I’m sorry, Nady’s not only selfish, she’s psycho.

I went to school full time, and worked, while raising 1 child, and I can tell you right now that it’s insane, and that’s considering the fact that I had Scott’s help. And she wants to go to school and raise all of her kids? NOT.HAPPENING.

What do I think should happen? I think Nadya Suleman should be investigated by DCF…constantly. I think DCF would eventually realize that her children can’t be taken care of, and that they would be better off in adopted homes. Then I think they should make sure Nadya has no more children.

If this bitch gets a reality show and makes tons of money, I swear I’m going to boycott whatever channel gives her the show.

It just kills me that the media is tiptoeing around this story for fear that they’re going to alienate her or something. They may crack a smile or a little joke about how many children she has, but not once do they talk about how horrible the life is going to be for these children.

When Nadya said, “I’m providing myself for my children”, why didn’t Ann Curry say, “Yes, but does your self put food in their bellies? Or does it heat your home?” Instead, she avoided saying anything else.

They needed to get Katie Curic in there – at least Curic has the balls to ask the questions that need to be asked (like the time she refused to back down when against that crazy “I wanna be VP” woman…I’m avoiding using her name because I think that if it isn’t used, maybe she’ll be forgotten about finally.)

But Ann Curry? She just shuts her mouth and lets Nadya talk about how she can take care of her children because she will love them “unconditionally”.

I’m sorry but Nadya honestly has no idea what love is.


4 Responses to “My Thoughts on Nadya Suleman”

  1. Jenera February 13, 2009 at 1:56 pm #

    I told my husband that they should assign a social worker to her and check on her regularly. I agree it is totally selfish. Especially since 3 of her first batch of kids has disabilities. It is terribly unfair to all the kids.

  2. Jennifer Nguyen February 13, 2009 at 5:42 pm #

    I believe there was a contract with Ann Curry and the Today show about questions. So many have wanted to have the first interview with her but she went with Curry.

    I am a resident of the state of California. We are in MAJOR debt. This nutcase is not helping matters! $3 Million for the NICU care for these kids!!! She is nuts.

    We have CPS here… I am sure they are going to get involved after the pictures of their house were put on national TV.

    What do I personally think about this… She is nuts, she needs guidance and she needs to realize that she is NOT who she is trying to look like. (rumors of Angilina Jole, and honestly I can see it)

    I think she is a nuttty, nutty woman. She seeks attention and now it is up to the people of California to take care of 14 more children because someone was not within their right mind to get IVF.

  3. Sherry February 13, 2009 at 7:26 pm #

    I’d love to see Barbara Walters interview her. She may be soft-spoken but she’s hard hitting when she wants answers. Or get her on The View so they can all ask her WTF she was smoking to think this was a good idea.

  4. wellreadkitty February 17, 2009 at 7:58 am #

    I still can’t get my head around this and how she was able to convince a doctor to “implant” all those embryos to start with.

    And those poor kids. They don’t stand a chance at a reasonable childhood while they are in her care and I mean that for all 14 of them. Selfish selfish woman.

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