Babygirl – Drum Prodigy

16 Feb

Scott has been bugging me to put up a video of Babygirl playing the drums. Remember when we got Rock Band 2 a few months ago? Both of the kiddos love it. They both ask to play it constantly and even though they are only allowed to play it every once in awhile, they both do great.

What surprised me is that Babygirl has come out as being a drummer, and Toad has come out as being a guitar player. I’m not surprised about Toad, but I AM surprised at how much Babygirl loves the drums, and at how well she does! Almost every song on there she can hit at least 97% on easy, and many of them she can hit in the 90’s for medium as well!

Check her out:

PS: ignore the horrible singing being done by my brother-in-law – and the finger he’s sticking out at me. He loves me, I swear!


One Response to “Babygirl – Drum Prodigy”

  1. Tracey February 16, 2009 at 10:47 pm #

    MAN I can’t see the video…dangit

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