I Got Spoiled

16 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh – Valentine’s day was yesterday? Oops, sorry.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day. Mine was absolutely perfect. It began with breakfast in bed, served by the kiddos and Scott. Two days before, Toad had given me an early Valentine’s day present – carnations that he bought at school (courtesy of Dad loaning him a few dollars, of course…) See –

Babygirl brought one of those carnations into the bedroom with my breakfast. Then Toad and Babygirl gave me some Valentine’s day cards, including this super-cute one from Toad:

How adorable is that? I’m learning that his teacher is a bit of a scrapbooker, and a lot of the stuff he brings home is really cute!

Toad and Babygirl got some candy from us as well as something they’ve wanted for a long time – singing cards!

Babygirl’s sings a Hannah Montana song, and Toad’s burps. Lovely, right?! Ahh well, they loved it.

I gave Scott a card, some chocolates, and this:

You take a deck of cards and write down 52 things that you love about the person you are giving the gift to. It took a little while for me to put it together, but I couldn’t think of anything that he would like for Valentine’s day, so I decided to be a bit cheesy. This is one of my favorite pages:

He does put up with so much, including my books. I tend to have books all around the house, and he puts up with them really well. Lord love him.

What did I get for Valentine’s day? I got this:

This is the lens that I really wanted. I told Scott awhile ago that there were 3 things I felt I needed for my camera. One was a case to hold it and the lenses in. Another was a nice tripod, and then there was this lens. This is a nice little lens that does AMAZING bokeh when you’re in the house. Every photo that is above was taken with that lens. I’m still learning with it (one’s a bit blurry), but I’m really enjoying it so far – he spoiled me rotten.

We went out for Chinese food (I read somewhere that Valentine’s day is the most common day for people to go out for Chinese – huh) with the kiddos and had a really relaxing day. Later on, Scott and I shared a bath. No, it wasn’t really sexy, it was more fun and silly! We drank a glass of wine together and wound up playing “what movie did this line come from”.

I love my husband. He’s proven to me that men can be decent, and that they can be wonderful. That I can trust in someone and that no matter what I do, he’ll love me endlessly. I am so thankful that he came into my world.


2 Responses to “I Got Spoiled”

  1. Jenera February 16, 2009 at 5:14 pm #

    Sounds like a perfect day! Silly baths are fun too.

    Mine was pretty good. The hubby got home late so we claimed yesterday as our Valentines Day.

  2. wellreadkitty February 17, 2009 at 7:59 am #

    Oh I love your present idea! I’m going to steal that. So sweet and from the heart!

    I got a teddy bear and a board game – so romantic! But actually, just what I wanted 😛

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