It’s Official – My Sanity is Gone

26 Feb

I did something with the kids this morning that I’ve never done before:


We went ice fishing. The man in the back? That’s my half-brother, J3 (I have three half-brothers and they all have J names – he’s the youngest, hence the J3).

The one in the camo? That’s my father.

Yes, my father.

He invited us to go ice fishing with him. J3 pulled out the portable shack and they took turns drilling the holes. The kids had a blast, even though they didn’t catch anything.

Then we got home and I had a few phone calls to take care of. Toad had scheduled to have one friend spend the night tonight. Now he’s having 2 friends spend the night.

My sanity has left me. I have THREE eight year olds in my house right now.

Fortunately they’ve settled onto Rock Band 2 for a little while, and we have plans to go outside and to get rid of some energy when Scott comes home. But for the rest of the night? Who knows.


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