Completely Different

7 Mar

Like the new header? I got bored early this morning, while Scott was still sleeping (until after 10 am! I thought he was dead!) so I decided to put a new header up I worked for about 20 minutes on it, slowly and carefully piecing together what I wanted. Scott woke u, grabbed a cup of coffee, and checked out my work.

Then I scrapped it.

I do that quite a lot – think I like something and then scrap it. I think it’s because I know when I like something it hits me. I hate deling with mediocrity, and enjoy truly liking something – which is probably why I don’t have a favorite color.

When I was trying to figure out what color to use as the background color for the new header, Scott told me to use my favorite color.

“I don’t have a favorite color.”

It’s true! I mean, I love a lot of colors. I like maroon and burgandy (which are pretty much the same, right?), and I love aqua and light blue-ish colors. Our wedding colors were periwinkle and platinum, and I like those colors as well. I have a bright, lime green room downstairs and I adore that color, and a nice bright red (although not a garish one) is really nice to look at too.

I don’t think I could pick just one favorite color if I were forced to. I love colors – all colors are beautiful.

When I was growing up, my mother insisted that her walls be white. Just plain white. Oh – wait – excuse me, eggshell. She had to have her walls eggshell. Once I got on my own I started having fun putting colors on walls – the more color I could have, the happier I was. I continued to pick on my mother and her walls, until one day she told me she’d repainted the living room and dining room walls and they weren’t eggshell!

This I had to see. I headed to her house and walked into the living room, expecting to see a great swath of color. What did I see?


“No! They’re not eggshell! They’re purple! See – watch.” and she proceeded to turn the light off. Turning the light off gave a very, very slight hint of purple to the walls

My mother doesn’t do change well, can you tell?

And what do I do?

  • Find the brightest lime green color I can find and slather it on the walls.
  • Paint my son’s room both blue and red (as per his request).

Every so often I get an itch to paint a room. I’m getting one now. The only rooms that haven’t been painted yet are our bedroom (because we can’t agree on a color), and the living room. The living room would likely be the next logical room to paint, and the bright orange lamps we have hanging down in between the dining and living room mean that I can paint the walls orange – hooray!

But the older I get, the more I’m noticing how I tend to do the opposite of my mother. She liked wicker, there is no wicker in my house. She painted everything eggshell, I try to get as much color on the wall as I can.

Does this mean that the walls in my children’s homes are going to be eggshell?


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