Beautiful, Sunny Day My Ass

12 Mar

It’s a beautifully sunny day outside. I’d love to be out there walking around with my camera, taking photos, and watching Babygirl discover things (Toad’s still at school…)

Instead I’m inside working my ass off because I’ve been unstructured lately. Damn unfocused brain.

To add to the confusion and chaos, I’ve been dealing with sticky situations. My sister-in-law is laid up at home with a broken back. Or at least I’m sure it feels that way. She’s gone for x-rays but the doctor hasn’t called her back. She keeps calling, and they’re ignoring her. So this afternoon *I* decided to call. Guess what? The nurse I got in touch with (using my “oh so sweet” voice) said that she has had NO messages from them and refused to believe that they have actually called.

She had the audacity to call me a liar.


Sorry, I had to get that out. So I told her that I wasn’t going to call *her* a liar, but that I knew for a fact that my Sister In Law had, in fact, been calling for days to get the results. She finally told me that they don’t give results over the phone (who says it’s modern day America!) and that they would have had some sort of follow-up appointment scheduled. This is, of course, after she said that if my SIL was in that much pain and crying she should take her pain meds, even though I explained that this specific SIL doesn’t like to be asleep all of the time, which was what the pain meds were causing her to do.

“If you’re in pain, what’s wrong with sleep?”

Dumb fucking nurse.

Sorry – had to get that one out too.

Apparently she just didn’t understand that some people don’t want to be comatose all of the time, and that the just want their pain to go away.

Anyway, she said that she’d look into the situation. Shortly after I got a hold of my SIL, they called her back. I’m eagerly awaiting what they say about this situation. (And to note, this is a clinic that has been a very BAD clinic for many people I know. Some have great caregivers there, but the majority of them – including me – have had very bad experiences there.

Yes, she’s planning on switching doctors as soon as she possibly can.

In another situation, one of our online employers (the blogging one) hasn’t paid us yet. We were counting on that money to pay the mortgage. No money, no mortgage payment. No mortgage payment, no house. Simple math, here, folks. We’ve been trying to get in touch with this employer to no avail – he’s avoiding us all. Damn employer. Hopefully the money will come through – you know – before I wind up sleeping on the streets in a cardboard box. (don’t worry about the kids – I’m sure my mother would take them in)

But there has been a plus side to this. While I was calling my mortgage company to see if I could get some sort of a delay in payment, I wound up talking accidentally to a refinancing officer. We’ve never refinanced our home, and the rate was a great deal lower than what we have.

He offered us a 5.25% interest rate when we currently pay 6.6%. I thought that we’d NEVER find an interest rate lower than 6.6%. This will ALSO get rid of the PMI on our mortgage, which is WONDERFUL, and which means that instead of adding $18 to our monthly payment, our payment will actually go DOWN. We don’t have to pay for the appraisal, and we’ll get a fairly good chunk of change to do with what we will.

We plan on paying off some credit card debts and on putting a new tin roof on our house.

Ya know, the cardboard house we’re going to have to live in…


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