Even June Cleaver Has It Better

13 Mar

That’s it.

We’ve become an old married couple.

Scott’s on “vacation” – I call it vacation loosely since he’s only home for 2 weeks again because the owner of the company is trying to avoid having to shut down the company, so for 2 weeks I get to have him home all day instead of sending him off to work every day.

This has, in many cases, been kind of nice. For instance, I’ve been really busy in the last few days with a project, and he’s kept Babygirl entertained while I have attempted to work. He’s been taking turns bringing the kids to school so that I can sleep in a bit every other morning (while he sleeps in on the mornings that I bring the kids to school), and he’s even managed to take turns cooking and has, shockingly, made some edible foods.

A year or so ago, whenever Scott was on vacation, we’d have sex like wild monkeys. Every time you turned around we’d be rushing to the bedrooms. The kids are both at school? To the bedroom! They’ve finally fallen asleep? To the bedroom! They’re watching a movie? To the…no…even I can’t have sex while my kids are awake and walking around.

This vacation? Nothing.

We usually average having sex between 3 and 4 times a week. In the last few weeks, including the weeks that Scott was back at work, we’ve had about 1 encounter a week.

My libido and self-esteem so can’t handle this.

I have horrible self-esteem, and while I know that you shouldn’t lean on your partner to feel better about yourself, yadda yadda yadda, but I feel better knowing that he finds me attractive and sexy.

No sex, no sexy feeling. No sexy feeling, self-esteem plummets quickly. Self-esteem plummets, I get surly and withdrawn.

Now he swears that he still finds me sexy and that he wants to have sex. And then we head to the couch, watch a little bit of TV, head to bed, and go to sleep, making it sort of hard to believe his “I WANT to have sex with you” statement. It’s easier to believe that he’s suddenly realized that he married a fat hag and that he’d rather get himself off than have sex with me.

Just call me June Cleaver. No, wait, I’ll bet June even got more sex and I’m getting, cause she was pretty hot. I’ll bet that Ward put it to June every time the Beav was at school. Can’t you just see him coming home from his busy job doing…whatever it was he did…in order to get a lunchtime quickie with June?


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