Fairy Stairs

14 Mar

Fairy Stairs, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

Toad and Babygirl’s friend, R, came over today. We decided to take a long walk and wound up walking around in the woods. The dogs would weave in and out of our journey, prompting us to label them as “rescue dogs!”

We also stumbled upon a fairy tree! There were little fairy steps leading up to their home. The fairies must have been playing around and have been startled by our presence, as nearby we found a fairy sled (fairies don’t run into trees, you know, because they can just fly off the sled if they’re heading for trouble) and a fairy broom.

R made sure to put the fairy sled and the fairy broom closer to their home so that they would know that we meant them no harm.

We trekked back to the house with sore legs, sore feet, and huge smiles.


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