“I’ll Lose My Best Friend”

21 Mar

We went to McDonalds last night for dinner (after hitting no less than six stores for various items) and this conversation was what unfolded:

Toad: Babygirl’s boyfriend is A….ha ha
Babygirl: He is not my boyfriend! And he’s not at my school anymore.
Me: That’s right – next year she’ll be at your school and she’ll get a new boyfriend!
Babygirl: Yeah!
Me: Maybe she’ll even date your best friend, M.
Toad: If she dates M, I’ll lose my best friend.

Ha! But we’ve long realized that there will always be the possibility that Toad’s friends will eventually start wanting to come over to the house to check out Babygirl. This is something I never had to deal with. Being an only child (I’m a step and half sister, but not a full one to anyone) and living by myself, no guys ever had any excuses to come over to my house.

Not that they would have liked what they saw, but I digress.

We know, however, that since Toad is the older son, there is a chance that his friends will want to come over to check out Babygirl.

And we know that Babygirl’s friends will likely come here to check out Toad!

I got a little taste of what Scott’s going to be like when this happens yesterday. During our expedition, we ran into one of my step-sisters and two of her daughters. She blurted out that her oldest suddenly has a boyfriend.

Scott’s reply?

Who is he? What does he do? Where is he from? You were supposed to go out tonight? Why didn’t you go out? What’s wrong with him? Why didn’t he take you out? You’re going over to a friend’s house instead? That boy’s going to be there, isn’t he? You’re meeting him there, aren’t you? What do you plan to do with this boyfriend while you’re at the friend’s house that you couldn’t do at the movies, huh? Well? Answer me!

I can safely say that the teen years in this household are going to be fun.


3 Responses to ““I’ll Lose My Best Friend””

  1. Finn March 21, 2009 at 3:34 pm #

    Yeah, good luck with that! I’m grateful I didn’t have a little girl. With a cop for a dad she’d be locked in her room ’til she turned 40.

    I had the same experience you did growing up, but only because my brother is gay. Most of his friends were girls.

  2. Sherry March 21, 2009 at 6:41 pm #

    1. That is hilarious – I can’t stop laughing over his grilling technique! 😀 With having just two girls we figure we’ll just buy a shotgun.

    2. I love your new header. The other one was cute, but this is awesome!

  3. becca February 25, 2010 at 4:07 pm #

    lol I cant stop laughin!!!!!!

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