Okay! I give!!

1 Apr

Dear Universe,

Alright! I give! Feel free to stick a spoon in me, I’m done. First was your masterful explosion of the Pyrex dish in my stove a little more than a week ago. Then, on Saturday, when you had Scott accidentally smash a hole on the outside pane of one of our windows while he was putting the screen in – well that was genius.

But this morning? This morning, Dear Universe, you kicked my ass and proved who was the boss of the yard.

This morning when I got up and discovered that the water wasn’t running? Oh that was just beautiful. I mean, at first I assumed that the breaker had tripped or something, so I called Scott at work to see if he had any ideas. He had me reset the breaker and check for the poundage of pressure that was coming into the house. Of course the pressure was low, so he decided to come home and check out the situation for himself.

While I took the kids to school, he called the plumbing guys who arrived fairly promptly (apparently you, Dear Universe, had decided that having to deal with the situation was enough punishment and decided not to have the plumber take hours to arrive) and began looking over the situation. He, of course, started with the simple stuff and then moved onto bigger (and more expensive) problems.

But I knew, Dear Universe, that you had won our battle when I heard the plumber ask Scott to flip on something, and then heard the plumber say, “Oh – well that’s not good.”

Your random and total destruction of the water pump in our well was masterful simply because it was so unexpected and timed perfectly. You waited not only until we’d had nothing go wrong with our house in months, but until both Scott and I were juggling multiple balls in the air – and not just regular balls, ones that were doused in flame – before you sprung the water pump disaster on us.

Well played, Universe, well played.


Randi “Ass Kicked” M.


2 Responses to “Okay! I give!!”

  1. MrsRobbieD April 2, 2009 at 4:07 pm #

    You have my luck. Karma is a bitch that OWES ME! Constant string of good I do, and in return I get shat upon.

    Good luck with that water deal need water to douse the flamin balls you juggle.

  2. cinnkitty April 9, 2009 at 10:43 pm #

    The universe does have a way of being a complete BEE-YOTCH sometimes, huh?


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