Photos, Stories, and Bike Riding

8 Apr

I learned a great deal during our visit with my great-aunt E. See the picture up there? On the far left is my grandmother. The young girl on the top is my great-aunt E.

And the one below? On the right is my great-grandmother, and beside her is my great-GREAT grandmother.

I love old pictures. But what I really loved were the stories we got when we visited great-aunt E. For instance: I showed her a photo of my cat, Holly. She’s black all over. My great-aunt’s response?

“We had two cats just like that when I was growing up. Both were entirely black. We named one Blackie and the other Nigger.”

Again, please let me reiterate that I am NOT a racist, but considering what era my great-aunt and grandmother were growing up in, it actually makes sense and is kinda funny.

How about the discussion we had about the boyfriend my grandmother had right before she got together with my grandfather?

“She was dating a guy – really ugly. What was his name….oh yeah! Monkeyface Walker. I called him Monkeyface because he was so ugly. I know he had a first name, but I can’t remember it because I always called him Monkeyface!”

And what about my great-aunts doctor?

“Oh he’s hot. Seriously hot. I’d let him stick his boots under my bed anytime!”

While we were down there we hit a Super Walmart, because we don’t have that sort of thing way up here in the freakin freezing north, and found a new bike (an AFFORDABLE new bike) for each of the kids. Toad was working on learning how to ride last autumn and hadn’t quite gotten the hang of it. We have a dirt driveway which makes it harder to learn how to ride a bike anyway.

My great-aunt, however, lives on a very flat road, with tons of space to ride. And so Toad finally started to get it…

Or maybe not…

I’m not sure if we’ll get the opportunity to visit my great-aunt again. I hope we do, as she’s hilarious and has so many stories to tell. But if we don’t, I know that I’ll always treasure the stories and photos I got to bring back from our trip, and that Toad will always remember that it was at his great-great aunt’s house where he finally (almost) learned to ride a bicycle.


One Response to “Photos, Stories, and Bike Riding”

  1. marie Scriuner February 13, 2010 at 1:12 pm #

    Friends, can you maybe help me? A good friend of mine is thinking about buying themselves a new Honda CBR 1000 as their first new bike! They have never rode much of anything else before! I said this is definitely not a very good idea for the first one, but they are adamant and wont change their mind! What do you think, is this ok and would you then just recommend proper training lessons?

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