Long Ass Day

10 Apr

Dukie, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

Yesterday started the way it ended the night before – with me worrying about Dukie. Dukie is six years old and is the main dog of this family. He’s MY dog. He started out as a dog for Scott, but we quickly learned that he’s just like his mother – focused on women and children. He either sleeps on the floor on my side of the bed or in the hallway near the kids.

EVERYONE loves Dukie. He visits the neighbors (not the asshat neighbors, the nice ones) and makes his rounds. He’s been called the most photogenic dog some people have ever seen, and the sweetest. He goes with us to the parade and has been a frequent visitor to Babygirl’s preschool.

This is why I was panicking yesterday. Dukie hadn’t eaten at all on Wednesday and wasn’t eating on Thursday either. He was refusing to drink and looked extremely lethargic. I thought he looked sick.

The first question everyone had was “your asshat neighbors didn’t poison him, did they?” I would’ve laughed if I weren’t worried that was the case.

A bit of research (love Dr. Google) helped to relieve my fears on that end, as anything the could have poisoned him with would have worked really quickly and have had different symptoms.

Finally, yesterday afternoon, I called the doc. She had me rush him up there and started checking him all over. She said that the “not feeling well” look he had wasn’t that he was nauseated, but was because he was in so much pain.

I felt like a heel because I almost didn’t take him. I was worried about the financial aspect of the situation if I took him and it was something that could resolve itself.

She said she’d keep him for a few hours, give him fluid (because he was one of the most dehydrated dogs she’d ever seen – even though the symptoms had only started yesterday, Dukie’s never been one to drink tons) and pain meds so that she could try to palpate his abdomen more without causing him pain.

Both she and I suspected that we knew what was wrong and we found that we were right when, later in the evening (about 5:30) they did an x-ray on him and found a 1 1/2 inch rock stuck in his intestines.

Dukie loves rocks. Wait – that’s not right – he OBSESSES over rocks. The vet said it’s fairly normal for some dogs to obsess over rocks and that nothing we can do will break him of wanting to play with the rocks. It’s something about the feel of rocks in dogs mouths that they enjoy, so no matter how many toys we get him (he’s had plenty) or bones, he’ll still want rocks.

Around 8:30 last night I finally got the call that the surgery was over. She’d gone in and removed the rock. Fortunately we’d caught it early enough that there was no damage to the intestine.

It was hard for me to focus all day yesterday, not just because I was worried about him, but because I didn’t know what was going on. When I don’t know something, and have to wait on results, it’s hard for me.

No, patience is not my virtue.

I also worried that he was really sick and that I’d have to make the difficult decision to put him down. I know some people who spend thousands of dollars getting treatment for their pets. I don’t have thousands of dollars and would have had to make the rough decision.

Fortunately it’s something that could be fixed with one surgery.

He’s not home yet (he has to have a bowel movement before they’ll send him home), but I can already tell you that my wallet is screaming in agony.


2 Responses to “Long Ass Day”

  1. Jenera April 11, 2009 at 5:17 pm #

    I hope he gets well soon! I’m terrible when our dog has something wrong with him. It’s as bad as if the kids are sick.

  2. MrsRobbieD April 13, 2009 at 2:03 pm #

    Payment plan?? I know its hard. My mom’s Poodle was diagnosed with Diabetes and mom is trying to decide how long she’s going to keep him going. She dont want him to suffer at all. Its sad and hard to think about he’s been around 11 years now.

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