22 Apr

Why can’t someone write a song that explains how I feel lately? We could title it “Unsexy”.

I’ve been feeling extremely unsexy lately, and I don’t know why. Wait, lemme change that – I’ve been feeling unsexy for over three months. Yes, seriously. Poor Scott is about to resort to getting another girlfriend to take care of him!

But something just isn’t right with me. I’m in a funk. I’m not ready to jump into bed when he is, and the few, abstract moments that I am really ready to go, we can’t because it’s in the afternoon and the chillun’s are here. Ahh yes, those innocent chilluns.

The thing is this – I don’t know how to get out of this funk! If I’m depressed I know certain steps that I can take to help my mental well-being. If I get a migraine I know (usually) how to get rid of it. How do you start feeling sexier about yourself?


3 Responses to “Unsexy”

  1. JM April 22, 2009 at 11:12 pm #

    Start taking care of yourself. Seriously. Exercise. Don’t do it to lose weight; do it to show your self that you care about you. Schedule bubble bath time once a week and *stick to it*. Start using a yummy smelling lotion every night. Start stretching every morning. Do something for you and your benefit (and not an indulgence thing like crappy food).

    You need to start showing yourself that you give a fsck about yourself before you’ll start feeling even close to sexy.

  2. Jenera April 23, 2009 at 2:03 am #

    I wish I had answers. I’ve been lacking in confidence and sexiness too. Luckily my hubby isn’t around enough for it to be a problem. I’m trying to deal with my own issues and to get a grip on my head.


  3. Jo April 23, 2009 at 1:14 pm #

    Stumbled across your site.

    I too have been in this funk. Twice actually. For several years after my son was born, I was just not interested.

    I would say that I got out of my funk for quite a few years and then I got pregnant. My desire dropped again. And then my daughter was born. And then I was ready for some excitement again!! That only lasted for a few months.

    And then, I was back to the funk. This has been going on since about July or August of last year.

    I have spoken with several friends about this because I’m a curious sort. The ones I have spoken with expressed that they had the same issue sometime after having children. One of my friends said that her ‘funk’ had lasted for about 7 years. She just completely lost the desire.

    My strongest recommendation for this (without knowing whether you have added stress, etc. in your life) is to make sure that you try your best to keep an emotional closeness to your husband during this time. Talk to him about it if possible.

    My next recommendation would be to change something up in your life. I know that we recently had a warm spell (before it got cold again) and I forced myself to work out for about a week and a half. I was going running or doing some kind of physical exercise every night. My husband and I had more “fun” during this time then we have for the last 10 months. I believe that the working out made me feel sexy. I turned the full force of that “sexy” on my hubby. Let me tell you that he LOVED it. Of course, it had to get cold again and I had to get lazy again and so, here we are back to where we were.

    The point is, by changing something up, it helped.

    I can’t pretend to know everything that can be the cause of this. At one point in time, I actually talked to my doctor about it. She told me that it could be low hormone levels and prescribed estrogen for me. I never did take it because I have a hard time taking medicine that’s not tylenol/advil, etc. So, I don’t know if it works for this problem or not.

    I know I’m a stranger but if you ever feel like talking about this more, send me an email.

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