Sex Toys Giveaway!!

2 May

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about sex toys, but then, today, I stumbled across something AWESOME. is giving away $1,000 worth of sex toys! How awesome is that! There are tons of things that I’ve always wanted to buy to play with, or to be played with, but I couldn’t afford. I mean, I’d love to indulge my sex toy fantasies to my hearts content, but there’s a little thing called “children” – can you see them having to explain to their college financial aid people why they don’t have any money for college?

“My parents were trying to save up, but every time they got money together they blew it on anal beads and vibrators.”

Yeah – that would be a fun conversation.

So I’m definitely hoping that we win this contest!! Here’s my entry!

(Putting underneath the cut so that my mother doesn’t go into an early grave…)

The Love Swing – Because, really, how many times can you do it in the same position on the bed before needing to have a little help? This would totally help to vary things up a whole bunch – defying gravity sounds like it’d be really, REALLY fun! (and we’ve wanted one of these for a long time!)

Universal Sex Swing Stand – Usually you’d put a Love Swing up on the ceiling, but considering that we have children/families/PEOPLE visiting here, it’s a good idea to have somewhere where we can put the swing up that allows us to hide it a bit.

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Tilt Master – How cool would it be to be able to tilt things around. Besides, Scott’s been complaining of neck cramps…the big wuss.

LIV Cerise – I’ve heard a lot about little vibrators like this one, and since my best clitoral friend is slowly, but surely, being needed to be put out to pasture, this would be an excellent, high class replacement!

Ultimate Couples Kit – Scott really liked that this one came in it’s own case – I really liked that this one has so much stuff in it that I wouldn’t need a partner! Couple’s kit? Try the ultimate singles kit!!

Robo Suck 2 – For those days when Randi doesn’t feel like getting on her knees…and because it’s a cool cross between Robo Cop and an interesting sexual toy.

Feather Tickler – Mystic Black – Sometimes Scott needs to learn to be more gentle. I think this would help – don’t you?

12 inch Impressions Slapper -Love – Gentle? Did I just say he needed to be more gentle? Well, okay, he does – but sometimes it’s fun when he’s not so gentle.

Island Fever 3 – DVD – Aren’t DVD’s fun? I’m always looking for new DVD’s that will help me to get excited. Scott? All he needs is a stiff breeze…

Erotic Seduction (DVD) – I think Scott needs some help, and since he doesn’t like to read, this would be perfect!! (don’t tell him I told you…)

Dick Plumper Thickening Cream – Bigger is better, right? Maybe this would spice things up a bit!

Dildo Boro Glass Sleek Wand Clear – I’ve been told that “once you go glass, you never go back” – so why not find out if the saying is true?!

For The Boyz Pipedream Bag – Oh I SO know a few friends that I could gift with this bad boy…

Locking Red Satin Lined Wrist Cuffs – The husband seems to think that he’d be able to do something with these. I’m not sure what he thinks he can do…he’d have to catch me first!

Locking 1 1/2 Red Satin Padded Collar – The hubby told me to add this. Apparently he’s got a girlfriend on the side, because there’s NO WAY….

Total Cost – $989.16

Yes! Stayed under $1,000!

I’m really hoping that I win this fun giveaway from – it’d be easy, then, to get all of the sex toys we’ve ever dreamed about without having to drain the kids college funds!


One Response to “Sex Toys Giveaway!!”

  1. Coleman Hilfiker March 10, 2010 at 6:28 pm #

    thanks, Keep up the Good work 🙂

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