Babygirl’s Last Day of Preschool

29 May

Today was Babygirl’s last day of preschool. She will see all of her preschool friends again, however, in a bit over a week, as it is a strange tradition that we all get together after school has ended for the field trip. Why is it after school has been let out? I have no idea! But technically my baby is…a…*sniff*…a…*sniff sniff” KINDERGARTENER now.

In honor of her last day I took a shot of her standing in roughly the same spot she stood over two and a half year ago.

And after seeing the difference? Not only in the height but in the attitude and the sassiness that my daughter has developed in the last few years? I’m brought to tears.


But Babygirl isn’t the only child I love in the house. Toad has still got 10 more days (trust me, he’s counting) left of school. Yesterday he let us know about a problem he was having with some of his classmates, and today we talked with him and the problem seemed to have been unresolved, so I did what any mother would do – I called the other parent.

I’ve heard tons of nasty stories about how parents will go back and forth with the blame – “well your kid started it! No, yours did!” This, however, wasn’t what happened with us. Toad’s friend’s mother was very disappointed in her son and said she wanted to talk to him. Then, about 45 minutes later, Toad’s friend called and apologized to Toad for picking on him recently. Then we talked to Toad for quite awhile about how you need to be a good friend to everyone.

Then she and I sat around a campfire and sang Kumbaya.

Okay, so we didn’t go quite THAT far, but we did Facebook each other (God Facebook is ruling my life) and talked a bit more about the situation and how we were happy that it was resolved.

There was no teeth gnashing, no fighting, no accusations – just one mother talking to another and both mothers doing their best to make sure that their children behave themselves and enjoy having good friends.


3 Responses to “Babygirl’s Last Day of Preschool”

  1. Jennifer May 29, 2009 at 2:59 am #


    She looks JUST like you!!!! Her hair has gotten darker!!!

    I am not looking forward to that. Really, I am not. Pretty soon she will ask for your car keys!

  2. Jenera May 29, 2009 at 4:32 am #

    Aidan’s last day of his first year of preschool was today and it was weird for me. He’s only in the 3 year old class but has made friends! I don’t even want to think when he eventually heads off to kindergarten.

  3. Tracey June 1, 2009 at 7:03 pm #

    Growing up on you Mom!
    She’s adorable!

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