Relaxing Weekend?

1 Jun

Oh mother nature – you bitch you. After five months of not having to deal with cramps, bloating, or any other period symptoms (with the exception of the strange rash/pimple combination that kept my face looking like that of a 14 year old boys), you finally decided to rear your ugly head.

And ugly it was. And still kinda is.

You know what the problem is of not getting your period for months on end? Your body stores up those months and unleashes EVERYTHING all at once. So while the average woman gets a small craving for salt, I wind up wanting to swallow a gallon. And while the average woman may eat just a bit more and have a desire to lounge, I’m ready to stock up on junk food and spend the entire day wallowing in front of the television in true white-trash style.

I didn’t, though. Dammit.

Saturday we headed out and hit some garage sales – and it was lovely! We found lots of stuff we really wanted (a new chair – tons of kids books – and glasses that I’ve been wanting for forever that were only .25 ea.) and had fun enjoying the car ride.

The entire time we were out and about my hips and back ached something fierce. I kept saying how I could use some grease. I wanted a corn dog so bad I would easily have done a lap dance for it.

Then the hubby drove us up to the local Summer-Only burger stand and I got a bacon burger, a pepsi (with LOTS of ice – gotta love my ice) and we ordered two large curly q french fries.

My grease quota was fulfilled. At least for Saturday.

Sunday it was more of a lazy day only because the rain kept coming and going. We’re at a stage right now where it looks like we’ll get this huge storm – thunder, lightening, ect. You get ready for it, and anticipate it, and then it never happens. The whole damn situation is starting to feel like a missed orgasm!

But out of the entire weekend I think I will have the most memories about Friday.

Friday I got the opportunity to go to a beautiful restored farmhouse and to do my first Newborn photoshoot. It was for a few men who were friends of an old friend of mine. They traveled all the way here from FL because she was their surrogate mother.

Their daughter was born 8 days before I got to do the shoot.

YES, I got to take pictures of a brand new baby and her two loving parents. Here’s a quick sample (I’m still editing the lot of them) – what do you think so far?




2 Responses to “Relaxing Weekend?”

  1. Holly June 1, 2009 at 9:59 pm #

    Oh my goodness, those are just LOVELY! You are so talented! Such a sweet, precious family.

  2. MisstressM June 5, 2009 at 3:40 am #

    Isnt it fun being a woman?

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