I Can Do This

6 Jun

Fingers, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

There are a number of things that I had always wanted to be when I grew up. I remember how shocked I was a few years ago when learned that I could actually take my dream of writing and make it work for me. I was able to become a freelance writer, staying home with my rugrats and still earning a living – and I was (and still am) extremely grateful.

Another profession I always wanted to excel at was photography. I love looking at a photo and seeing a feeling. But as with writing, I didn’t think that there was any way that I’d be talented enough to be a photographer who people actually paid.

Then my husband got me a DSLR – the Kodak P880. That camera? SUCKED. But the fact that he believed in me gave me a bit of confidence, and the camera itself gave me a little bit of knowledge about how SLR’s worked.

Then last year I took on a huge soul-crushing project in order to have money for Christmas, and with the extra? I bought my Canon.

I love my Canon. I am not a Canon girl.

Then I did more reading. And studying. And a crapload of practice.

And I know that I still have tons of practice that I need to do, and that there are lots of times when the shot that I take is fine but where it could be tons better.

The newborn shoot I did last week, however, left me feeling elated after the shoot was done. And then I started looking at the photos and realized that they weren’t half bad. In fact, some of them were downright awesome.

I was, however, worried about what the clients would think about the photos. They love them. And so does everyone else who has seen them.

I can do this. I can achieve my dream of doing photography, at least in some form.


2 Responses to “I Can Do This”

  1. sherry June 6, 2009 at 2:17 pm #

    We have so much in common – the writing for a living, wanting to do photography. I didn’t really think I was good enough to do professional photography but I had someone contact me and ask me if she could buy some of my photos to hang on her wall and the thought of someone giving me MONEY for pictures that I took is mind-blowing.

    We really can do this, right?!

    I said it over on Flickr, but it needs to be said again – your shoot turned out amazing. You did such a great job. Keep at it, you can do it!

  2. Jenera June 7, 2009 at 5:22 pm #

    Every single time I do a shoot, I’m a nervous wreck! I look at the photos so many times from the time I take them, through editing, through printing, through putting the order together, through creating a CD, through uploading them to the site, that by the time the client sees them, I’ve seen them a hundred times and notice every tiny thing I would have changed. Every time, the client loves them and so does everyone else who sees them.

    I think it’s just the way things go when you are trying something new. I still need to work on having more confidence in my self and my work. I’m getting better but I think it’s normal.

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