Enter Summer

10 Jun

Her "Wary" Face…, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

Monday Babygirl’s preschool group went to a little recreational place that was about an hour away from here where they have a train you can ride (large steam train) and trained bears. Babygirl LOVED it. The face above? That’s her “wary” face…we were going on the train and she knew about the Wolfman who comes to chase the train, so she was a bit nervous.

Fortunately the Wolfman toned his routine down in order to not scare a train-load of preschool children so no tears were had.

Today is Toad’s last day of second grade…then I’ll be the mom of *gulp* a third grader and a kindergartener! Holy Shit!!

And then in August I turn 30.

Jesus do I feel old.

Toad being done school is a good thing and a bad thing. It’s great because he and Babygirl play together well…for the first half of hte summer at least.

It’s bad because he gets bored easily and I wind up spending half of my summer going “what? You’re bored? Then go clean your room!”

This summer, though, I’ve got lots of plans. Let’s see, however, if I manage to follow through with them!


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