Hermans and Baseball

19 Jun

Hermans and Baseball, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

I have a sense of humor that some people simply don’t get, and it actually took me awhile to figure that out. Take, for instance, the photo above. It was taken at my niece’s high school graduation. One of her friends was sitting in a chair and had his feet up on the chair across the table. Like many working men around here, he was wearing Hermans.

What are Hermans? Big ass boots that weigh a ton. That’s what Hermans are.

Anyway, propped up on the chair was, obviously, a baseball and glove and, to me, that was hilarious! I immediately grabbed the camera and went for the shot.

Almost everyone else went “umm, Randi, why are you taking a photo of THAT?”

“Don’t you see? It’s hilarious!”

“umm..what’s hilarious?”

Scott got it. My sister-in-law got it, and one of my best friends got it, but most other people? Didn’t get it.

Last night was my father and step-mother’s anniversary. My situation with them is precarious, at best, but he has been making an effort to get to know my children so I figured that I should definitely make an appearance at their surprise anniversary party last night.

It was a bit awkward at first, even though I am technically a member of the family, but I reminded myself that it probably would be a bit awkward because I don’t see/socialize with this side of the family very often. The kids warmed up to other kids at the party and they had a blast. The food was good, and I got to reconnect with a few family members I haven’t seen in awhile.

Later in the evening someone brought up the fact that my father and step-mother had never had a daughter. They had 3 sons.

“It’s probably a good thing they never did have a girl! Step-mom would have spoiled her!” my grandfather said.

My step-mother shook her head and pointed to my father. “No, he would have spoiled her.”

“No…of course not…but she would’ve had the best clothes, ect.”

All said while I, the daughter who is largely ignored and forgotten about, was standing right there. While they laughed, I looked at my kids and tried to focus on them.

I guess my sense of humor is just a bit different.


2 Responses to “Hermans and Baseball”

  1. Jenera June 19, 2009 at 5:30 pm #

    First of all, it’s a great photo. It’s very ‘all american’ to me.

    Secondly, you are a much bigger person for actually sticking around after comments like that. I have been through very similar situations and it sucks. ::hugs::

  2. Tracey June 19, 2009 at 7:19 pm #

    How hurtful! I think I would have cleared my throat and made the room silent for a moment!
    I love the shot!!

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