Normal Moms

20 Jun

I found it really strange when Toad started school. I went from being a woman who had only a few friends to being one of “the moms”. I was no longer Mrs. Scott (although, to be honest, I’m rarely called that), I was now Toad’s MOM…yes, with capital letters.

I was actually very nervous about Toad being in school, not just because he was going to be left alone there, but because I was worried about what the other mothers would think of me! I have a strong personality, or so I’ve been told (SHUT UP YOU) and from what I’ve also been told you either like me or you don’t.

My in-laws? So don’t.

So I was concerned. Was I going to be facing tons of mothers who had immaculate kitchens and who always made sure that there was cut up fruit and juice ready for their children the minute they came home? Or were all of the mothers going to be like the majority of the mothers I had to deal with when Toad was in Head Start – concerned more with making sure that their child was occupied so that they could go play with the “baby daddy” than anything else.

Have I ever told you how small Toad’s class is? There are six children in his class. SIX. They started in Kindergarten with 8 kids, but we’re now down to 6. And yes, there is only one class for each grade level. And no, it’s not a private school.

I was actually surprised when I found that some parents were like the Head Start parents, a bit lax in their responsibilities, but that most of them were like me – parents who loved their kids and who wanted to take care of them and who often didn’t have the time to keep the house immaculate, much like I didn’t.

Yesterday I did a “favor” for one of these moms – I use the term favor loosely because I know she’d to the same for me in a heartbeat. Her youngest was having her tonsils out, so we took her oldest and her middle child – the oldest is Toad’s age and the youngest is Babygirl’s age. Both boys.

I learned a valuable lesson. The amount of noise in a house is equally proportionate to the amount of boys that are in the house.

It was a loud day. I was a long day. The little girl came out of surgery fine and all the kids had a good time.

It’s worth the extreme tiredness I feel now.


One Response to “Normal Moms”

  1. Tracey June 22, 2009 at 1:17 pm #

    I feel ya. I had close friends then when mine started school 2 years ago. Now I have a network it seems, We all try and help the other when we need it. “Pick up mine for me today if you can get mine tomorrow for appts and such. Hey I gotta run this one to the doc last minute can I call school and you get the other for me.” ” Can you take mine to school today, bc regular bailed today” Its good to have alot of other “So n So’s mom” friends.

    I went from Tracey to Kylee & Tyler’s mom. 😉 its a good title to have!

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