Jon’s An Ass. ‘Nuff Said.

23 Jun

jon-kate-gosselinYeah, I’m gonna talk about Jon and Kate. What! Sue me, I happen to be a huge fan of watching relationships shoot down in burning flames.

Actually I’m not. But I’m finding that, once again, my opinion really varies from other people’s opinions, especially about this matter.

So Jon and Kate are getting divorced. It was pretty easy to figure out that it was going to happen, but still, it’s not an easy decision to make nor an easy one to announce to the world. This is probably the best for the children, as they said last night on the show, but what I don’t agree with is the world’s perception of this relationship.

Most people who I’ve talked to say something like this, “Kate? She’s a stone cold bitch. It makes sense why Jon wanted to divorce her! God! She’s a control freak who loves to berate him!”

Okay, so maybe most of the people I talked to didn’t use the word berate…their vocabulary didn’t include that word.

I disagree. All I’m hearing right now is Jon saying, “I’m only 32 years old and I have all these responsibilities…wah wah wah.”

Dude, it’s not like you stuck your dick in Kate and surprise! Got 8 kids.

First you visited a fertility clinic and got your twins. And then you obviously enjoyed THAT enough to go back for “just one more”, but surprise! You got 6. When you talk to a fertility doctor, they tell you that you have higher odds of having multiples using their services, and since you already had TWINS, I’m sure you figured that one out.

But now, now that you’ve had 8 kids and have made a few million you’ve decided that you’re “only 32”.

When Toad is 10 I will be 31 years old. One full year younger than Jon.

Have there been some times where I felt like I didn’t get to enjoy my youth? Definitely. There were (and sometimes still are) some times when I wish that I could go out to a bar with my husband, or when I wish I could have friends over and stay up chatting half the night with a few beers (or Blue Hawaiians, in my case).

AND, when it comes to Toad, I didn’t visit a fertility clinic or plan on him – he was a total surprise (remember, Randi gets pregnant on birth control pills, so I was using contraception).

However, we chose to see him into the world. We saw him as a blessing, and a gift, and not as something that was just a responsibility. And we’ve never been more right. Even if Scott and I had found that we couldn’t stay together – and we’d only been together 6 months when I got pregnant – I would always say that Toad is my miracle baby and my blessing.

Babygirl’s a blessing too, and she, as well, was a bit of a surprise, even though we were planning on her.

If it means that I have to sacrifice to raise them, of course I will. If it means that I don’t get to go out drinking, of course I’ll stay home. I’d rather enjoy my children and see them grow up happy and healthy than to divorce in order to go out and party whenever I want to.

Can Kate be a bit of a bitch? Absolutely! If I had 8 kids I’d probably be a Huge Mega Bitch, whereas she’s just a minor bitch. But let’s not forget that she was also trained as a nurse, and most of the women who I know who are nurses are very caring but hide it under a veneer of cool and calm. They have the personality where they are ready to take care of anything, no matter how much of an emergency situation it is. Kate, to me, has that same base attitude, which has been exacerbated a bit due to having 8 children.

But I’ve never seen Kate whining about having 8 children and only being 34. I don’t see her getting an apartment in NYC (which is obviously a long way away from their Pennsylvania home where the kids will be staying).

I see Kate keeping it together and doing what she can to stay sane and to keep life as stable as possible for her children.

It actually seemed like Kate was raising 9 kids. Now, just raising 8, things will probably be much easier!


One Response to “Jon’s An Ass. ‘Nuff Said.”

  1. Jenera June 23, 2009 at 4:23 pm #

    I’ve never watched the show and only know what I’ve seen on the news and internet. But I think they are both dorks. What did they think would happen if they took their kids on TV and made their lives all about the show? It’s hard enough being parents without having all the extra drama. I just hope they both suck it up for the kids.

    And if he’s moving to NYC, he’s an ass.

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