Free Days

7 Jul

I’ve started something new with the kids. They’re called “free days”. What are free days?! They’re exactly what they sound like! During free day they can do anything they want to do. If they want to stay in their pajamas all day, that’s fine. If they want to rot their brain playing the Wii or the DS all day, that’s fine too!

I do draw the line at allowing them to eat chocolate for all of their meals, however.

So far these free days seem to have worked for us. The kids love them – they love being able to do whatever they want to do (within reason – driving to the store is not on the list, for example) without having to ask. They know that the better they are during regular days, the more likely I am to allow them to have a free day. This has made, especially Toad, much more likely to take his responsibilities seriously.

Today I’ve allowed the kids to have a free day. Not just because they’ve been good, but because I need to get a shitload of work done!

Yes, I’m allowing my kids to run rampant around the house so that I can get work done.

This is one of the tricks I’ve found due to being a work at home mom. I know I have work to get done, just like I know that, occasionally, things will happen that will prevent me from getting this work done. In order to offset that, I sometimes have to mentally check out for the day. I have to allow the kids to do what they want (keeping only one ear on them as opposed to two ears and both eyes) while I write to pay for the mortgage.

But don’t feel like they’re neglected – they love it! Of course they turn into little zombies by the end of the day, but at least they’re not running in the road!

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