13 Jul


Take a peek at this photo – I put this together last night because I want to torture myself. The photos on the left were taken 2 years ago, and the ones on the right were taken last month.

Oh. My God.

First of all Toad has grown 5 inches in 2 years, and Babygirl has grown 8.

But what makes me feel kind of bad is that Babygirl, at 5, is almost the same height that Toad was at 7.

Toad is the shortest in his class. He’s often wondered aloud why he’s the oldest and yet the shortest. I top out at 5 foot (I try to claim that I’m 5’1″ but a nurse one day thoroughly verbally bitch slapped me for thinking that) and Scott is about 5’8″, so our kids? Have no chance. This we knew.

But I never expected that Babygirl would be taller than Toad.

When Babygirl’s in school she’s the average height. She’s as tall as all the other kids in her class and I actually have to buy clothes for her that are the right size for her age.

Toad, on the other hand, has never been the same size as the other kids in his class. He’s always been the shortest – he even has a girl in his class who is much taller than him (to be fair, her parents are both freakishly tall).

We wonder if Toad’s shortness came from his sleeping, and we hope that now that he’s sleeping better thanks to the tonsillectomy that he’ll grow a bit more.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll love him no matter what height he is, but I worry about him. I know that the shortest guys in the school don’t necessarily have the easiest time. And Toad is a bit of a video game nerd as well, and most of the “cool” kids are athletes. Toad just doesn’t have those natural abilities.

But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t try. Toad loves to play soccer, and is always on the trampoline. He likes his bicycle and one day this week he and I are going to ride the local bike path together.

But I have a feeling that Toad’s going to have a much rougher time socially than Babygirl will.

When Toad started school he was the most popular kid. This continued into first grade. In second grade, however, he started becoming less popular, and while I personally think that being popular can be vastly overrated, it was a bit of a blow to his self-esteem and confidence.

This year I have no idea what’s going to happen. After the year begins, Toad will have only 2 boys in his class – him and one other boy. And this other boy is the ultimate of cool. He has a dirt bike. He has cool hair. He has a huge house. He’s the “bad boy” – at the age of 8.

Babygirl will also be in school, and she has a natural affinity for making friends. Her BFF from preschool (wow does THAT seem weird to say) is going to be in Kindergarten with her, so she’ll adjust fairly easily and I have a feeling will have tons of new friends, whereas Toad’s other friend will be leaving after October and he’ll be left with the “bad boy”.

I sense a long, long year ahead of us!


One Response to “Differences”

  1. Jenera July 13, 2009 at 4:11 pm #

    I’m 5’1″ (and a 1/4 thank you very much) and my hubby is about 5’10” so our kids will be average height. Now, Aidan is the same height as his 2 year old cousin, scores low on those stupid growth charts, yet he is the same height as the kids a year older than him in his preschool class. I don’t get it.

    Sam is already longer than Aidan was at this age so I think he is getting more of the hubby’s height while Aidan has mine.

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