A Touch of Erotica

8 Aug

If you’re into reading erotica, read on.

If you’re biologically related to me, you might wanna skip this one…

She pulled into the driveway and turned off her car, absently checking herself as she did so. The lace of her underwear was slightly scratchy, while the oversized shirt tickling her thighs made for an interesting combination in textures. She unbuttoned the shirt one button, showing off the black lacy top that matched the panties, and a hint of cleavage. As for her pants? Those were stored away in the bag she’d brought with her. He’d requested that she arrive at his house sans pants, and she was obliging him.

She got out of her car and walked up the steps, timidly knocking at the door. All of the bravado she’d felt during the dive to meet him had disappeared as she stood on the stoop waiting for him to answer the door. She nervously looked up and down the road, hoping that no one would drive past and see her underwear clad ass hanging out in the breeze.

She knocked lightly on the door and was surprised to see her lover through the door, walking towards her without any clothes on.

Well, at least both of us have our asses hanging out she thought briefly.

“Hello,” he greeted her.

“Hi,” she smiled. The two met and briefly kissed before he ushered her towards the stairs.

“I’m a bit nervous,” she admitted.

“You don’t have to be nervous.” he replied. She walked up the stairs, wondering if he was enjoying the view of her cheeks hanging out of the black lace panties.

In the bedroom, she turned and met him again, being caught up this time in a much longer embrace and kiss. His hands began to unbutton her shirt, stealing teasing gropes as he moved his way down the lines of buttons. The shirt slipped off and in short order the lace that she had put on was in a black pool on the floor.

She climbed onto the welcoming bed and was nudged onto her back. She had assumed that there was going to be a few minutes of foreplay before feeling his cock inside of her, but she’d been wrong. The moment she was on her back, he was guiding himself into her. Even more surprising was the fact that she was more than wet enough to make his entrance smooth and easy.

He pumped into her, and she arched up to him, trying to pull him down onto her so that she could feel his warmth, but knowing that his muscles would make it difficult to get him as close as she wanted. He obliged, however, putting his arm underneath her shoulders and holding her tight against him, their upper halves clenched together, their lower halves moving in synchronization.

His face was touching hers, their mouths almost connecting, their breath mingling together. Her hands grasped his shoulders, her legs wrapped around his thighs. Suddenly he reared back, repositioned himself, and thrust so deep inside of her that she caught a flash of pleasure pain and gasped.

As the evening continued, her body was flipped and licked and deliciously used.

Who said a little bit of sin is a bad thing?


2 Responses to “A Touch of Erotica”

  1. Jenera August 8, 2009 at 5:58 pm #

    wow, sounds steamy. I’m a bit jealous :o)

  2. Tracey August 10, 2009 at 7:42 pm #

    Dayum spy!

    Naw I’m kidding..that was good!!

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