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25 Aug

It’s hard for me to imagine what area bloggers that I read live in. I’ve never been to some of the places where my favorite bloggers live, so I have no idea what it must look like. And I realized that people who’ve never been to Vermont probably have a hard time figuring out what it looks like where I live. Maybe this will help: (you can click on the pics to make them bigger!)


Okay, that’s a bit confusing, huh? All it really looks like is a bunch of green and a few buildings. Let me clarify what it is a little bit better with the magic of Photoshop: (I took out the name of the street and the route numbers to try to ensure that the breastfeeding nazi’s who are still after my ass can’t find me!)


Looks really magical, doesn’t it? Okay, so my photoshop skills are limited – sorry! But you get the basic gist of the idea. The purple circle is our house and our “garage” – I use the term “garage” loosely because it’s falling apart. Actually it’s more like a really big shed that some owner a long time ago used to house horses. Now it’s literally falling down. When we first got insurance, the original insurance company refused to insure our home because of that building, even though, as you can see, it’s not attached to the house and we didn’t want it insured. Our current company, however, said that they’d not only insure us, they’d insure the shed for $16,000.

And that leaves us chanting, “fall, fall, fall” every winter.

It’s hard to tell from this shot how big our house is. Our house is 28′ wide by 60′ long – and it’s two stories, so I think it’s something like a bit over 3,000 feet of livable space in our home. Our actual garage is attached and on the bottom story of our house, and obviously we don’t do much down there except store our car and the lawnmower. And grow marajuana.

I kid. We don’t grow marajuana in our garage. It’d be too easy to find there. We hide it in the woods around our house instead.

I kid again. If I were growing marajuana, I’d have a LOT more money than I have now and would have no need to go through all the refinance crap that I’ve been going through lately.

The red circle is our land. We own 1.96 acres. I know that amount only because we’re in the process of trying to refinance again. Let’s not talk about refinancing – my fingers are cramping up just thinking about the amount of paperwork I’ve had to sign recently.

In the green circle is the annoying swamp across the road – cheerfully labeled. The annoying swamp is only annoying because it means that our land gets infested with mosquitoes at night in the summer. Which is why we’re drooling to screen in our back porch, so that we can actually sit out there and enjoy nature without losing a pint of blood every time we go out there or having to douse ourselves in chemicals. Which is why we’re trying to refinance the house.

OUCH! My fingers…

Also across the road is the foreign car garage. These guys are my saviors and a bane of my existence. Saviors: they’ve pulled us/plowed us out of the snow before. Bane: the car alarms occasionally go off at night for no good reason. This has mostly stopped, however, after a few phone calls to the owner at 1 am.

Hey, my kids keep me from sleeping due to your alarms going off, I’m going to make sure you know about it, even if you have plowed me out once or twice. (For the record, the alarms used to go off almost every damned night until I started calling him about it in the middle of the night).

As you can see we have four other neighbors, but from my house you can’t see three of them. You can see the one labeled “1”, but the rest of them you can only see if you walk up the hill. Because my house? Is definitely on a hill. So while it’s nice to have a few neighbors (neighbor #2 is a cop – and may be called if foreign car garage starts being a dumbass again), it’s nice to have the privacy that the hill affords us.

And then, way over the hill, you’ll see the dirt area – sorry – I couldn’t think of what to call it. It’s basically the huge area where the town guy gets the dirt for the roads and keeps the salt for the winter/ect. We can’t see/hear any of this from our house and I didn’t even realize it was this close until I looked at this picture.

No wonder Duke comes home filthy sometimes. The little stinker.

So that’s my neighborhood! I’d love to see what your neighborhood looks like!


2 Responses to “My Home”

  1. Jenera August 25, 2009 at 4:39 pm #

    vermont looks so pretty! I love green and hills. I’m jealous of your land though. I’d kill for an acre (or more) of my own land.

  2. Tracey August 27, 2009 at 4:40 pm #

    I emailed you mine…Mine looks all dead and stuff, and its least 3 years old since that site was updated.

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